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we probably don’t need to convince you that flowcharts are a fast and easy way to communicate complex processes and ideas. the flowchart on the right uses proper alignment and different colors, font sizes, and shapes to guide you through to the end. make sure each shape is connected to other shapes, and remember the first rule of flowcharts: lines and arrows should move from top to bottom or left to right. make it clear where the flowchart starts and where it ends. often, the terminator shape is used to designate the start and end of a flowchart; however, you can use placement (top left for start, bottom right for end), color (green for start, red for end), or size to clearly show where to start and where the process ends. in lucidchart, you can copy and paste an image onto your diagram, use the eyedropper tool to match colors, and then delete the image once you’re done. even if you don’t follow the exact rules for each shape, using different shapes in your diagram can add additional layers of information and make your flowchart easier to read.

once your flowchart is complete, take a few seconds to align your shapes and lines. try to limit the amount of text in each shape. if you’re using lucidchart, select “manage fonts…” at the bottom of the font list to choose from hundreds of fonts. and when you use lucidchart, which offers an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, auto-alignment, and a ton of formatting options, the path to a beautiful flowchart becomes even easier. this intuitive, cloud-based solution empowers teams to collaborate in real-time to build flowcharts, mockups, uml diagrams, customer journey maps, and more. whether you are improving an existing process or implementing a new one, data flow diagrams can make your task easier—learn how with this guide. we’ll walk through the process of creating a flowchart with google drawings and with the lucidchart add-on.

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unleash your team’s productivity by combining enterprise-class diagramming, whiteboarding, and data while saving 10x over visio and lucidchart! you start by picking one of the flow chart templates included and add steps in just a few clicks. our flowchart maker aligns everything automatically so you don’t have to worry about formatting, rearranging, or reconnecting steps. you and your team can work on the same flowchart and leave comments and feedback. smartdraw will let you easily share files using an emailed link. smartdraw also works with your existing tools. you can save your files directly to onedrive®, sharepoint®, google drive™, and more. you can also work together in teams, confluence, or slack or add your flowcharts to microsoft office® or google workspace™. smartdraw is easy to work with no matter what other apps you use.