foot facial

our foot facial is the perfect hydrating treatment to nourish and reinvigorate your feet thanks to an intensive process that mimics a spa facial.  first, feet are cleansed and softened in an oligomer essential mineral relaxing bath. the foot soak releases tension and provides optimal relaxation through an ideal supply of trace elements that strengthen skin and help reduce cellular fatigue. next, a creamy body exfoliant is applied to refine skin’s texture. tension is worked out during an extended massage with nourishing oligoforce invigorating enforcement serum and tresor des mers ultra nourishing body cream. feet and legs are intensely moisturized and the signs of time are reduced. then a double layer mask of an essential oil-infused seawater gel, followed by a layer of paraffin, seals moisture into the skin while relaxing & energizing the senses. finally, we take care of your nails and cuticles before applying your polish color of choice. the end result is soft, beautiful feet.

to keep their feet looking attractive in summer sandals, celebrities and other spa-goers are spending as much as $225 for 90-minute “foot facials,” a procedure that used to be reserved to the face. dr. suzanne levine, a podiatric surgeon at new york hospital, cornell medical center, appeared on good morning america to demonstrate foot facials, and to explain how you can try some portions of the foot facial at home — specifically the exfoliation, and toenail bleaching portions — at a fraction of the cost. it is best to try shoes on mid-afternoon at about 3 p.m. when feet are slightly swollen. leave on for 10 minutes.

apply glycolic pad (use brands such as stridex, which contain 20 percent to 30 percent glycolic acid) and leave on for a few minutes. this step, which you can do at home, is moisturizing the feet. nail whitening: this procedure is similar to teeth-whitening, and involves bleaching and filing the toenails. salons use sodium hypo chloride, which is similar to clorox bleach botox: it is normally associated with the face, but on the feet, botox is not used for wrinkles, but to combat odor and hyperhydrosis (severe foot sweat condition). the results last up to a year, and do not hurt the feet.

our foot facial is the perfect hydrating treatment to nourish and reinvigorate your feet thanks to an intensive process that mimics a spa facial. exfoliation is used to remove calluses. first you would massage a special paste (see at-home recipe below) onto your foot. leave on for 10 minutes. then wash dr. levine at millennium podiatry in new york city offers a $325 foot facial. this foot-perfecting service is the ultimate luxury in foot care., .

dr. suzanne levine at institute beauté on the upper east side in new york city offers a $325 foot facial. using levine’s line of green tea the deluxe foot facial is a 5-step rejuvenating process that will totally renew your feet. it includes exfoliation, chemical peel, mint masque, a foot facial is pretty much just as it sounds; a cleansing and gentle massage of your feet! it also exfoliates and remove calluses., .

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