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this article includes detailed instructions on how to create the most effective gantt chart for a project using mac numbers. want to use a mac spreadsheet app, numbers, to create a gantt chart for your project? if you want to create a gantt chart in other applications, including microsoft excel, microsoft word, apple pages, and google sheets, visit our comprehensive how-to article. it’s a useful tool for determining if the duration of a task is too long or too short, or if its place in the project needs to change. you might want to color-code tasks so that you can group them together and create a better visual overview of your project. use this gantt chart template to track and manage projects with an accurate visual representation of several elements from start to finish.

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professionals who need to create a gantt chart in apple’s numbers can do so using the tool’s bar chart feature and some manual formatting. to do this: i. to change the color of all your tasks simultaneously, select any of them, go to the style tab in the format pane and click on fill, where you can choose whichever color you prefer. while in the style section, you can also choose to apply various styles and effects to your tasks, such as strokes and shadows, but i recommend keeping these to a minimum, so your chart remains legible. to personalize your graphic even further, you can make some changes to the chart area using the format pane’s chart tab.

to do the same, select the axis tab of the format pane, go to minor gridlines, and click on the type of gridline you want to add. once ready, select the timeline tab on the office timeline online ribbon to go to the timeline view, where you can see your gantt chart and customize it further. with a free account, office timeline online will automatically save your gantt chart in the cloud, so you can get back to it at any time and update it effortlessly whenever plans change. this web-based tool features a variety of templates to choose from and helps you create, style, and share a gantt chart in the cloud directly from your browser.

a gantt chart enables you to easily visualize project schedules and track your progress. this advanced gantt chart template enables you to track dependencies, milestones, and duration for tasks and subtasks. enter the sales representative, time period, and sales amounts for each product to create a basic gantt chart tracking template. this template includes a sample construction schedule that you can use as an example of how the final gantt chart will look.

this gantt chart provides a quarterly, monthly, and weekly timeline. each year on the gantt chart is separated into quarters and months for more detailed planning. add a starting date at the top of the template to adjust the dates shown on the gantt chart. this template offers a color-coded key for defining assignment types and adding them to the gantt chart calendar based on due date. when you use a template, you can save time and customize it to suit your project.

the basis for the gantt chart in apple numbers is to use a stacked bar chart format with two data sets. by changing the colour of the first part of the stacked bar then the result looks like the usual task bar in a gantt chart. create the table by adding column headers for tasks, days to start & duration.

ensure the task column is in the first column of the table as it will become the row labels automatically. add the task details, when they are planned to start in days from the beginning of the project, and the expected duration in days. to insert a chart either use the chart icon in the very top row selecting the stacked bar chart type from the drop down list of chart types, or use the main menu item insert, then select chart and 2d stacked bar. this will make the blue colour disappear leaving just the duration element of the bar as in a gantt chart.

a gantt chart has multiple uses, but it is most effective when applied in the field of project management. but with this basic tutorial guide, you can learn how to navigate the chart tools in apple numbers and customize it to create your own gantt chart. although there is no gantt chart in the template gallery, apple numbers still offers a basic guide on the different kinds of charts available. input your project data and fill in the rows and columns with the necessary details. under 2d charts, select a simple bar graph and insert it to the spreadsheet.

to edit or modify your chart, simply click on it and use the formatting tool to add a title and caption to your gantt chart. with the formatting tool (paintbrush icon), you can also change the chart’s color, style, gridlines, labels, size, etc. with apple number’s collaboration tool, you can easily allow your workmates or team members to view and work on the chart as well. apple numbers does not have a gantt chart template in its collection of predesigned templates, but you can still make your own gantt chart by using the numbers’ chart creation and editing functions. to make a chart in apple numbers, select the data you want to represent in a chart and click on the + icon on the main toolbar, then add a chart of your choice from the list of 2d and 3d charts.