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this project schedule example illustrates a simple “countdown” schedule, counting down by weeks from week 53 to week 1. the gantt chart portion of the example includes colored gantt chart bars with colors starting with a dark color and fading to a lighter color on the right. in the gantt chart area, a variety of milestones are used to show project progress. the milestones schedule example shows the project tasks in the gantt chart area. phases of the project are illustrated in the gantt chart using a variety of colored bars and milestone symbols.

it may be a schedule for several components of a larger project and is typically linked to lower level integrated master plans. an integrated master schedule is a compilation of individual projects and is used to coordinate complex projects across project teams. colored gantt bars with a variety of borders are used to make the schedule pop. a birds on a wire chart is typically a one or two page project management chart which displays milestones which are key to the completion of one or more projects. this project schedule example shows a gantt/milestone schedule which presents the key milestones for several hardware and software items this presentation project schedule format is another example of an integrated master schedule.

gantt chart with milestones format

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gantt chart with milestones guide

if you want an advanced solution with a video tutorials and sample excel files for both monthly and daily gantt charts, click here to jump to the bottom of the page to learn more. we start with a simple list of tasks with the start and end dates, as well as an indicator as to which tasks are milestones. to convert the list of tasks and dates into a table for the gantt chart, we need to calculate durations for each task and designate which tasks are milestones. the one day must be added to the difference between the start and end dates to account for both dates being part of the task. the formula in this column puts a 1 in the cell if the task is a milestone and the #n/a value if the task is not a milestone.

if you add tasks to the original table, remember to add rows to the table for the graph and include these new rows in the data that is used for the graph. it also gives you the flexibility to change the start date of the chart and the timeline automatically adjusts. dave is one of fewer than ten people in north america recognized by microsoft with the most valuable professional award for his contributions to the excel, powerpoint, and teams communities. he has written ten books and over 600 articles on the topic of effective presentations and his ideas have appeared in publications around the world. dave is one of fewer than ten people in north america recognized by microsoft with the most valuable professional award for his contributions to the excel, powerpoint, and teams communities.