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how can i use the gannt chart feature when our tasks don’t start or end on a specific date? furthermore, not all projects are the same, so alternative tasks might need to be triggered based on the circumstance. if there are no start & end dates, then it’s not a gantt chart. sounds like what you’re looking for is kanban view, which is one of your view options in airtable.

i know gantt is what we need in order to have dependencies work on our base. but if what you are saying is true about dates, how are projects with dependencies and tasks tracked? are you required to change this every time a new project comes in? how are you able to specify an alternative step, since these happen a lot in the construction industry? i’ve had to create so many workarounds when a gantt chart that relied solely on dependencies (vs dates + dependencies) would completely solve.

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project managers commonly use gantt charts to track project schedules and show the dependencies between tasks. to get you started, each of these options comes with a template that you can use in lucidchart. as an alternative to gantt charts, project network diagrams are used to scope a project and determine your project’s critical path. you don’t have to be overwhelmed with paperwork, nor do you need to sacrifice program flexibility by choosing project network diagrams as your gantt chart alternative. in lucidchart, you can even conduct your sprint planning together as multiple editors add cards to your board in real time.

for this reason, they are a great gantt chart alternative when you are working on a large project with multiple teams. once you have finished building your flowchart in lucidchart, establish a single source of truth for your project by sharing it with all the teams and stakeholders involved. gantt charts can be complicated to understand and difficult to maintain, and they may not help you communicate effectively with your team members or work with the flexibility you need. try any of these gantt chart alternatives by clicking the template above. what’s the difference between a pert chart and a gantt chart?

is it possible to not have a specific start date in a gantt chart, and have all other tasks stated as days/weeks/months from this nonspecific date? i would like to express only the durations as they are relative to this unspecified start date. i ended up just picking a start date, then showing the wbs elements, with the “duration” shown beside the respective wbs timelines. i think as long as it is some date, the dependencies should find it easy to tag along on the gantt. may be it is also conformed by the fact that in project settings (top right cog wheel), it says start date needs to be a start or a specific date and not a month or week.

i ended up just picking a start date, then showing the wbs elements, with the “duration” shown beside the respective wbs timelines. i’d like to setup a single automation that runs to alert the employee when the expiration date is within 90, 60 and 30 days away and the date of expiration. i have individual columns set up in the sheet for each alert date, so 1 column for 90 days to expiration and so on… i have many unlicensed users on my team. i can’t find the answer to my question in help & learning. hi there, i wanted to confirm if my automation is correct.