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it allows you to create a gantt chart in google sheets, filling in a feature gap that sheets has had for a few years now. it helps you make sense of the world in a way that might actually, you know, make sense. ”  the target market here seems to be project managers, and if you’re a pm reading this right now, there’s a good chance you already have strong opinions about this feature.

this quick solution provides a visual way to track where things have been, where they’re at now, and where they’re going next. people have been trying to make gantt charts in google sheets for a while (as evidenced by the surprising number of people searching for it every month). if you’ve ever had to walk a teammate through a new app’s features, or make sure that your boss remembers their password for something they haven’t touched in months, the relief of knowing that everything is in one place is almost palpable. but they’re a good reminder that a spreadsheet is often more than it appears to be on the surface.

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google sheets is a perfect go-to tool for organizing information and projects in just about any organization. you can do that without springing for pricey new software—just grab a gantt chart template for google sheets. a gantt chart is a project management tool that helps you visualize timelines for your project at a glance. open a new sheet in the app and enter your project information into the spreadsheet, just like you would if you were creating a basic, spreadsheet project management system. you can also see your duration highlighted on the bars in red. you can name your chart after your project by double-clicking on the existing title of the graph to highlight it, then typing in the chart’s new name.

grab our gantt chart template for google sheets, and just enter your project’s data to get started! you can find them in the template gallery from your google sheets (or other app) screen. you can create a more sophisticated gantt chart through google charts, a google developers tool. while there’s no native gantt chart template, you can grab our template or follow the steps above to create your own. she’s written about work and money for the new york times, cnbc, the motley fool, the penny hoarder, a column for inc. and more. with over a decade of editorial experience, rob watts breaks down complex topics for small businesses that want to grow and succeed.