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the final result will allow you to make stylistic changes with a click of a button. to build the gauge, we will create a separate data source. this means we first need to specify the radius and the degrees of the dial. add value to the path as a continuous dimension, then set the size to the smallest value possible. for the next part, we will connect to a data source and build the gauge chart. create a calculated field called [point degrees] and type the following: with this calculation, you are defining values to the first to rows of the placeholder.csv data source.

set the value to 0.1. the benefit to using a parameter for this is that as you resize your gauge, you can quickly update the parameter to add spacing accordingly. create a new text parameter called [kpi name], set the value to sales. edit and format the text to your preference. the goal of this tutorial was to create a gauge chart that is worthy of placing on any dashboard. the blog contains a section on how to create this data, but if you prefer to download it, you can get it from this tab of the same file. after you can access the following screen: then create a new join where both sides contain a calculated join where the values for both of the join are equal to true. i’m also going to update the location of pi().

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often called dial charts, they consist of a semicircle that is colored in to represent milestones, and a dial that points to the end result. they often are included on business dashboards, as a reminder of continuing key performance indicators. in a business setting, sales data is an ideal example. because these charts are so simple, there are very few rules or options that can be changed. the gauge must always start at zero unless there is a very good reason not to—such as a bmi because no one can survive with a zero bmi. a gauge chart is a broad brushstroke. for instance, if the gauge shows total sales for the year, and the needle is in the first quadrant, it could look like the store has performed poorly.

a gauge in a fighter jet is all you need to display the speed, elevation, or air pressure, as these are single measures that are important. stephen few developed these as a replacement for gauge charts, noting that they saved space and were color-blindness friendly. there are gradients of “success” in grayscale, and then a darker bar in the middle. for instance, if a chain of electronic stores have the same sales target but are all achieving different amounts, these can be plotted with different needles. if there are multiple measures, a bar or column graph is far more appropriate. they are related to non-quantitative data and how a whole can be divided up into individual parts. consider a bar or column graph if there are several measures to provide extra context for readers.