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phytotherapists association of nigeria (pan) will today give awards to some of its own for distinguishing themselves in the profession. yusuf, also the chief executive officer of oko oloyun worldwide, said the weeklong anniversary will feature training of its members in soap, cream and paint making, and free medical check-ups to market women. he said among other activities marking the anniversary is visit to some motherless homes, general hospitals, prisons and persons living with disability. pan board of trustees chairman and general manager, gbelero alternative therapy, sulaimon osudale, said the association aims to enlighten people to know the efficacy of herbs. “we will teach people how to package their products and prepare it hygienically, to attracts more patronage and enable government’s recognition,” he said.

the major route of administration for cam products was oral and about 40% of the participants combined cam with conventional medicine. reports on the prevalence of cam use vary greatly in both developed and developing countries [2–5]. this poses a threat to the life of the individual in particular and the public in general. data were also obtained on the prevalence, forms of cam products consumed, route of administration, coadministration of cam with conventional medicine, perceived benefits, and adverse reactions associated with the use of cam. cam use was considered in this study as the use of it either as a complement or an alternative therapy according to the classification of cam by the national institute of health.

biological products, 347 (56%), were the most frequently used cam with honey and herbal preparations being the most frequently used products in this category. this study recorded a high prevalence (84.7%) of cam use among the adult participants. although, most of the respondents in this study did not use cam in combination with conventional medicine, about 40% used cam together with conventional medicine. in this study only 29.7% of the respondents reported adverse reactions to cam therapies. major forms of cam products consumed by the respondents were biological and spiritual therapy. they are also grateful to the participants for their willingness to participate in this study.

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pan board of trustees chairman and general manager, gbelero alternative therapy, sulaimon osudale, said the association aims to enlighten the use of complementary and alternative medicine (cam) is now on the increase. evidence from studies carried out globally has established that cam use is libracin natural medicine industries limited affect people’s lives for the better through our outstanding herbal alternatives, bringing health,, .

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