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this command is only available if a pdf printer is available on the system. a chart dimension gets its values from a field which is specified on the chart properties: dimensions page. whenever an attribute expression is entered for a dimension, its icon will turn from gray scale to color, or as in the case of text format, from gray to black. a label can also be defined as a calculated label expression for dynamic update of the label text. select to display values based on a percentage of the total, or on an exact amount. the chart will display a total for the selected dimension when this option is enabled. if the result of the expression is not a valid color representation, the program will default to black. click on line style in order to enter an attribute expression for calculating the line style for the line or line segment associated with the data point. if values on data points is selected for the main expression the attribute expression will be disregarded.

the imported expression will appear as a new expression in the chart. this group is used for modifying the way that data points are plotted or what will be entered in the expression cells of chart tables. the first sub expression will be used for plotting a box top point of the box plot. this option can be used with or without any of the other display options. with this option qlikview will display the expression values in a bar or line chart. by entering a number in the box, you set the number of y-values in the expression to be accumulated. normally the sort order of a group dimension is determined for each field in a group via the group properties. the font can be set for any single object (object properties: font), or all objects in a document (apply to objects on document properties: font). if the result of the expression is not a valid color representation, the font color will default to black. a help icon will be added to the window caption of the object.

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a two-dimensional grid graph, also known as a rectangular grid graph or two-dimensional lattice graph (e.g., acharya and gill 1981), is an lattice graph that is the graph cartesian product of path graphs on and vertices. some authors (e.g., acharya and gill 1981) use the same height by width convention applied to matrix dimensioning (which also corresponds to the order in which measurements of a painting on canvas are expressed). the wolfram language implementation gridgraph[m, n, …] also adopts this ordering, returning an embedding in which corresponds to the height and the width. yet another convention wrinkle is used by harary (1994, p. 194), who does not explciitly state which index corresponds to which dimension, but uses a 0-offset numbering in defining a 2-lattice as a graph whose points are ordered pairs of integers with , 1, …, and , 1, …, . if harary’s ordered pairs are interpreted as cartesian coordinates, a grid graph with parameters and consists of vertices along the -axis and along the -axis. (1989, p. 440) use the term ” grid” to refer to the line graph of the complete bipartite graph , known in this work as the rook graph . a grid graph is hamiltonian if either the number of rows or columns is even (skiena 1990, p. 148).

the numbers of directed hamiltonian paths on the grid graph for , 2, … are given by 1, 8, 40, 552, 8648, 458696, 27070560, … (oeis a096969). in general, the numbers of hamiltonian paths on the grid graph for fixed are given by a linear recurrence. in general, the numbers of hamiltonian cycles on the grid graph for fixed are given by a linear recurrence. in general the number of -cycles on the grid graph is given by for odd and by a quadratic polynomial in for even, with the first few being for , as conjectured by chang (1992), confirmed up to an additive constant by guichard (2004), and proved by gonçalves et al. (2011) give a piecewise formula for , but the expression given for is not correct in all cases. a generalized grid graph, also known as an -dimensional lattice graph (e.g., acharya and gill 1981) can also be defined as (e.g., harary 1967, p. 28; acharya and gill 1981). a generalized grid graph has chromatic number 2, except the degenerate case of the singleton graph, which has chromatic number 1. special cases are illustrated above and summarized in the table below.