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and with another blast of winter air on its way for most of the country, this could be the perfect weekend to cozy up indoors and make them smooth and soft again with one of these super-moisturizing treatments. massage the scrub into your hands and wrists over the olive oil, paying extra attention to your nails and nail beds. as part of our mission to make menstrual equity a reality, we’re taking on the stigmas that have led not only to inequitable laws via the “tampon tax,” but to a culture of hiding and shame that affects everyone who gets their period. you work so hard to create a healthy environment and use products that are made for your baby’s sensitive skin, while also trying to be mindful of your environmental footprint. the holidays are right around the corner, which means many of us are starting to prepare for holiday guests and working out meal game plans.

while it’s easy to get swept away by the perfect holiday splendor you see on your friends’ social media feeds, this year we’re all about embracing what’s real about the holidays. holiday music! —and while we’ve come to associate many of these things with being festive, we challenge you to take a closer look at what really makes you get in the spirit. the good news is that there’s lots of fun and easy ways to flex plant power in and around your own home. it’s always a good time to learn about breast cancer prevention, and to make healthy choices for your body. fundraising and awareness about breast cancer are strong in the u.s., yet prevention often gets overlooked in the larger conversation.

let’s take a break from all the diorific goodness and talk hands. so today we’ll show you how to do a diy hand spa at home in just 15 minutes. a weekly hand spa at home like this will ensure maximum nourishment to your hands, promote healthy nails growth and will help combat ageing. also, the products and ingredients in the products that you’re using for your home hand spa play a paramount role in your skin and nail health.

so we’d recommend to be picky and use only quality products for your home hand spa, preferably organic or at least check the ingredient list before you buy them. these are the products that we’re actually using at the moment and they work really well. do you give yourself hand spa treatments at home? share in the comments, for the sake of eternally young looking hands i’d love to know!

do-it-yourself hand spa treatment soak your hands in hot water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda for thirty minutes, then dry. prepare mask: – microwavable therapy mittens with flaxseed–moist heat therapy relief for hands and fingers in cases of brighten nails with lemon juice. lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that won’t burn skin and smells a lot better than chlorine. push back cuticles scrub, .

another great hand treatment to expect at a spa is a hot wax therapy. this is a soothing antiaging moisturizing treatment. the aesthetician will it is a luxurious enhancement to any facial service that provides intense moisture and hydration leaving your hands baby soft for several days consider skindeep med spa (231 newbury street) your arsenal against aging hands. according to owner nichole brennan, they can do a chemical peel, .

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