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you have entered healing hearts holistically inc.  denise jezewski, a registered nurse, opened the nonprofit healing hearts holistically at 49 pearl st. in brockton with a vision to provide education on cardiac wellness, diabetes prevention and stress management to the community. “i wanted to have a nurse-run center to help the community with heart diseases and associated risk factors like diabetes, smoking and stress,” jezewski said. so she wanted to create an outlet in the chain of healthcare that caters to outpatient care with a touch of holistic medicine. “reiki has been around for thousands of years and comes from asia. she uses tuning forks to add extra vibration at her practice to help the cells rebalance themselves from the stress they’ve been under. in massachusetts, you can practice reflexology and aromatherapy as long as you have the proper background education that goes with it,” jezewski said. that’s what nursing is, helping people reach a state of health and wellness and well being so they can take care of themselves when they go home.”  jezewski said people of color are especially at risk for hypertension due to lack of access to health care in some parts of the united states, food insecurity and lack of access to healthy food.

another service jezewski offers is “juggling elephants,” an interactive course that teaches the participant how to become the ringleader of their three-ring circus by managing different elements of their life safely and effectively. especially as a nurse, you need to be able to take care of yourself as well as others,” jezewski said. in her current classes, she teaches the risk factors for high blood pressure and what causes it, answers questions about high blood pressure medication and goes over treatment options. jezewski has more than 30 years of nursing experience and started her nursing career in 1985 at st. elizabeth hospital school of nursing in brighton, which is now closed. later on, she received her master of nursing degree from boston college and a healthcare management certificate from cambridge college. before the pandemic, she participated in many health fairs in the community and did cooking demonstrations. support local journalism by purchasing a digital or print subscription to the enterprise today.

we are devoted to offering an array of educational classes, evidence-based alternative and complementary therapeutic programs as well as innovative individual and group support services. therapeutic interventions include a range of innovative and proven techniques such as quantum biofeedback, mindfulness, sound therapy, inception point and others. healing hearts healing minds offers classes and seminars, meditation healing retreats, support groups, and one-on-one healing sessions.

special priority is given to persons suffering from anxiety, depression and loss of a loved one. at healing hearts, healing minds, inc., our staff is devoted to offering care through our alternative and  complementary therapeutic programs and innovative individual and group support services… “this workshop surpassed all my expectations. i have learned more about myself and how to shift my perspective on life in the course of 16 weeks than i have in the past few years of my life. a: “complementary and alternative medicine,” “complementary medicine,” “alternative medicine,” “integrative medicine”—we have all seen these terms on the internet and in marketing, but what do they really mean?

healing hearts holistically provides basic life and advanced life support by aha and arc. also provide reiki. denise jezewski, a registered nurse, opened the nonprofit healing hearts holistically at 49 pearl st. in brockton with a vision to provide healing hearts holistically inc is a non-profit cardiac wellness center whose mission is to serve the south shore community by providing a comprehensive, healing hearts wellness exton pa, healing hearts wellness exton pa, social worker retreats.

our mission is to assist those with heart disease and diabetes to live a longer and healthier lifest. page alternative & holistic health service. traditional western psychotherapy meets eastern yoga therapy. learn more ; taking yoga beyond the mat and into your life. learn more ; find your creative healing hearts massage & wellness center specializes in massage, acupuncture, energy healing, cupping, couples massages, holistic wellness center., .

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