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as the world continues to move forward, humanity has gotten used to social isolation, lacking in touch and sensory experiences. in traditional ayurveda, a holistic system of healthcare is practised, covering all aspects of life, the environment, the body and mind, the emotions and our awareness. the holistic use of touch leads to a life in balance and stability, thereby supporting long-term health and satisfaction. a lack of physical affection which is commonly seen in elderly and single people can lead to feelings of loneliness, estrangement, helplessness as well as to physical and mental problems. it is becoming more and more common that the body and mind have been sorely neglected due to a lack of time and stress at work. through the use of touch, there are many benefits which include: the use of touch in ayurveda has an extremely profound effect on the body, mind and emotions.

touch generates feelings of well-being, relaxation, emotional harmonisation, security, comfort, belonging and stability. during the therapy, touch is used to reactivate the healing mechanisms in the body and mind. touch also plays a significant role in our daily routine to preserve good health, in the form of self-application. in the everyday environment is it essential to steer one’s attention to sensory perception, to consciously listen, sense, and feel, but also relax and be a part of the whole. all senses are addressed when eating, the sense of taste, smell, touch and hearing. touch is used in yoga to transmit information from the instructor to the student by means of physical contact.

the indian head massage is an ancient indian healing practice found in ayurveda, the indian medical system (approx. 5, 000 years old) in sanskrit, ayur means life and veda means knowledge. ayurveda emphasizes treating the whole body as a system. ayurveda recognizes that maintaining balance of the elements in the body and mind is essential for optimal health and the process of finding that balance begins with self-awareness. experience the healing art of touch with the indian head massage. using a base oil, aromatic scalp formula and essential oil, the massage starts with the upper arms, shoulders, neck, the forehead, temples, entire scalp and face. leave feeling deeply relaxed, restored, grounded and uplifted in mind and body. in ayurveda, the body is considered the temple, and the head is considered the altar of the temple. once the mind relaxes into a state free of dis-ease, the body state can also be freed from dis-ease. the body and mind are connected as one.

healing touch ayurveda offers holistic ayurvedic medicines and authentic ayurvedic treatments and therapies to patients from all over india and abroad. healing touch ayurveda believes that in the modern era where lifestyle disorders, mental disorders are rising all over the world, eternal and holistic ayurveda 468 followers, 27 following, 49 posts – see instagram photos and videos from healing touch ayurveda (@healingtouch_ayurveda), .

healing touch welcomes you to a world of rejuvenation, healing and beauty through legendary indian ayurveda techniques and practices. touch generates feelings of well-being, relaxation, emotional harmonisation, security, comfort, belonging and stability. through contact with the skin, the the healing touch treatment programme has its roots in holistic approach to common health disorders. this approach sees human beings as an integral part of, .

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