helicopter training stand kit

today is also safe for your helicopter as long as you don’t try to fly and you have a tame learning to hover setup as mentioned on day 1. the goal of today is to move your helicopter around on the ground with perhaps a small hop or two. if you do find a nice large paved area to practice your ground hover exercises, make sure it is clean and not full of dust and or gravel – not good for an electric bird, and catastrophic for a nitro bird – remember, day 3 is all about staying on the ground. place your helicopter in the middle of the area you have selected and make sure it is facing into the wind (if there is any wind). if your gyro doesn’t have a heading hold function or you are flying in rate mode, you will most likely have to play around with your tail rotor trim to keep the heli pointing in one direction.

with the rc helicopter training gear on, you will be able to slide your heli around on the ground without it tipping over. the whole idea of these ground hover exercises is to get you 100% comfortable with how the controls work and get a “feel” for the helicopter. keep an eye on that rc helicopter training gear as well to make sure it is not coming loose from all the vibrations and sliding around on the ground. – downloading the software and driver…

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performing ground hover exercises using rc helicopter training gear – day 3 of rc heli flight school begins. these went together like they were a purpose built kit. get rid of that training gear as soon as you can reasonably land the heli since the gear really won’t save too much if you crash from forward flight, rc helicopter stand, helicopter test stand

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