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a gantt chart is a widely used project management tool which provides a graphical representation of a project’s timeline. it allows project managers to easily identify the duration and sequence of activities, highlighting overall progress and delays. in high-level project plans, gantt charts are essential for tracking the project’s major operations and tasks, helping to ensure they are completed on time and with high quality. with gantt charts, project managers can monitor task dependencies, assess project performance and adjust plans accordingly. they are one of the most useful tools for visualizing project activity and planning complex operations. you can easily edit this template using creately’s gantt chart maker. you can export it in multiple formats like jpeg, png and svg and easily add it to word documents, powerpoint (ppt) presentations, excel or any other documents. you can export it as a pdf for high-quality printouts.

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i like the idea of a simplified gantt chart, but not sure how to make that happen. further, it is tempting to only include key summary tasks in this simplified gantt, however they sometimes roll-up tasks that i’d prefer to ignore for the purposes of the presentation. i could just manually create a shadow ms project file to craft the gantt i’m looking for, but the project is so huge, i don’t think that is feasible when i consider how often i will have to make this presentation. do you use software add-ons like “milestones professional” or “onepager pro”? some of the tips are also centered around the level of information you provide to the respective users.

in that way, both people who need a high-level view and people who need to work on all details will get focused on the crucial tasks. — ismet /articles/creating-milestone-reports-in-microsoft-project/ .com/b/project/archive/2009/10/01/project-2010-introducing-the-timeline-view.aspx typically managers like the “birds on a wire” charts; i.e., milestones on one page. “milestones professonal” is more heavy duty, and is also excellent. why not just create a new view in ms project and place custom columns you know the executives want to see. another way is to use one of the general purpose fields, like number 1. add that field to your view and put a 1 in front of all the tasks you want the executive to see, leaving the rest blank. then filter that column to show only tasks with a 1 in this field.

i’d like to roll up that data to a higher view where i can see where we stand with each project on a single gantt chart. the struggle is that any “new” project that you create is not automatically included in your preexisting “roll-up” view. you would have to manually add any new projects to the cell linking each time a new one was created. then each time i want to roll all of the active projects into a single report, i have to manually update the “where?” selection by unselecting then reselecting the entire folder where the active projects are stored.

then the results can be displayed in the report, which i have set to show as a gantt view. the main trick is to organize whatever projects you want to be included into a single directory in smartsheet. i’d like to setup a single automation that runs to alert the employee when the expiration date is within 90, 60 and 30 days away and the date of expiration. i have individual columns set up in the sheet for each alert date, so 1 column for 90 days to expiration and so on… i have many unlicensed users on my team. a team member reported to me that they didn’t see the favorite option on a folder. hi there, i wanted to confirm if my automation is correct.