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we are accepting new clients. sometimes you might feel like you can’t care for yourself as well as you care for others. you may feel overwhelmed to the point of feeling frozen or frenzied. sometimes this makes you feel deeply anxious, or sad, or mad, or a combination of these or other feelings. when it’s too much it results in stressful interactions with your family and friends. by choosing to focus on you and your mental health wellness, you’ve taken an important first step. your mind, body, heart, and values work together in a holistic way. holistic therapy and counseling is a path, and by choosing, you’ve chosen a path of possibility.

you can, with compassionate support: it’s possible to feel calm, centered and well. we look forward to supporting you with holistic therapy services as you take steps towards improving your mental health. mind body well therapy, pllc is the private practice of holistic therapist, lucrezia mangione, a board certified licensed clinical professional counselor & board certified telemental health provider in connecticut, maryland and virginia. it’s centered in supporting and empowering adults, caregivers, professionals, helping professionals and highly sensitive people with holistic therapy services such as psychotherapy and counseling and neurofeedback therapy brain training. our practice provides: lucrezia mangione is the clinical director of mind body well therapy, pllc. holistic therapy for mind, body, spirit healing serving connecticut ct: naugatuck valley, southbury, middlebury, thomaston, waterbury, watertown, woodbury, seymour, ansonia, derby, shelton, new haven county & litchfield county; northern virginia nova: fairfax and loudoun county areas & maryland: silver spring, gaithersburg, rockville, moco & frederick county areas. clinical director at mind body well therapy, pllc. of public health, va board of professional counselors & md board of professional counselors & therapists, board certified as a counselor by the national board for certified counselors, board certified as a telemental health provider by the center for credentialing excellence & eeg neurofeedback trainer trained at the institute for applied neuroscience.

you may associate it with an organic health food store or barefoot yogis chanting “om” together with their eyes closed. when it comes to mental health, a holistic approach considers how a person’s well-being is affected by their physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual condition. a holistic approach to mental health will treat all these elements as pieces of a larger puzzle that must be individually addressed to achieve healing, which is something that traditional medicine doesn’t always do.

here is a list of some alternative therapies you might try as you work on ways to improve mental health by reducing stress and increasing your awareness of your reactions to things outside of your control: at dreamlife recovery, we believe in the power of taking a holistic approach to treatment. we combine evidence-based treatment methods with alternative healing therapies to address the full spectrum of needs our clients may have during their time with us.each individual is unique, and we find that offering a range of treatment methods helps each person to discover what works best for them. we believe that our holistic approach to mental health will set our clients up for long-term, lasting recovery from addiction.

holistic therapy combines aspects of traditional talk therapy and non-traditional approaches, including hypnosis, breath therapy, and meditation holistic therapy exercises look to intervene on three levels: the body, the emotions, and the mind/soul. a women-centered holistic therapy mental health private practice for highly sensitive persons. online counseling, individual counseling, eeg neurofeedback., what is holistic therapy, what is holistic therapy, holistic counseling near me, what is holistic psychotherapy, holistic therapy benefits.

using a holistic approach, we help clients tap into their own subconscious mind to solve life’s problems and attain balance, harmony and personal power. welcome to holistic mind therapy leading source that we help our clients tap their minds to solve their life problems and a new way to heal minds and body. holistic therapy attempts to address the individual in terms of their mind, spirit, and body. it can treat depression, anxiety, or even substance abuse., holistic psychology, holistic therapy vs regular therapy.

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