holistic therapies and massage

yet this term is often used in a vague and woolly way, which can prove damaging to the reputation of massage therapy as a whole. my skill as a holistic massage therapist, varying the depth, speed and intention involved in the touch, helps to determine which response occurs. whatever your self-belief, when as a holistic massage therapist i touch you, i am literally touching your view of yourself and the feelings that help to maintain that view. the role of the holistic massage therapist is both radical yet simple, namely enabling people to live fully in their bodies.

holistic massage should be seen as a nurturing process of touch and response. the holistic massage practitioner is a facilitator through touch, working with and guided by the client. in addition to technical skills, the role of the holistic massage practitioner must require self-awareness, since depth of contact with oneself is a prerequisite for depth in the therapeutic relationship. holistic massage can lead to a variety of outcomes; depending on the needs of the individual client.

the trained massage therapists at chicago’s herb + ōhm are led by massage therapists who have more than 10 years of experience in the field of massage therapy and bodywork. “massage is about relaxation, but also healing,” says dr. amy wolf, l.ac., dacm and founder of herb + ōhm.

“it is so important to work with a practitioner who thoroughly understands the body and can partner with you to decipher your body’s messages during the treatment to maximize the therapeutic benefits of the experience.” “at herb + ōhm, our massage therapy team is highly trained and certified in a wide range of massage modalities and bodywork techniques,” says wolf. “massage therapy increases blood flow in the body, and for people who hold tension in the neck and shoulders during workdays, it can create a ‘stuck’ feeling that massage can eliminate. book a therapeutic massage with herb + ōhm’s skilled and certified team of massage therapists today.

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