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are you the type of person who loves to organize and clean everything daily? compared to the cost of hiring a house cleaner, your largest diy expense will be your cleaning tools and products. if the task of daily cleaning seems like too much, consider hiring a house cleaning service to tackle it for you. you can schedule recurring appointments on a weekly or monthly basis to keep your home clean all year round. take an extra moment to learn how to clean your unique bathroom based on its unique finishes and gather the special cleaning supplies in an easy-to-grab area. most people think of spring cleaning as the main season to clean due to dust buildup from the winter. this is the moment to figure out how to clean those sticky floors, empty the pantry, and give your mattress some extra tlc.

when you do some of your monthly chores, tackle these cleaning tasks at the same time so they’re evenly distributed throughout the year. the act of cleaning is a physical activity that gets you moving and burning calories. a cluttered space can affect your visual cortex, the area of the brain that processes visual information, making it difficult to focus on the task at hand. check out the visual below for more information on how cleaning can be beneficial to your health. listen to music or a podcast: if you’re cleaning with roommates or family members, play music on speakers so the cleaning process feels more communal. some people might favor cleaning the kitchen since they cook more often, while others prefer to spend time cleaning outside. these cleaning checklists will help you stay on top of a cleaning schedule and can remind you to complete often forgotten tasks. as you move through each checklist, consider whether you’d prefer to hire a local cleaning team, or at a minimum, outsource the trickiest tasks to the pros.

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living in our modern world might present some challenges (like the instacart shopper who routinely picks out rotten produce. gone are the days of finding a book or encyclopedia when you have a question… or, making a (potentially embarrassing) phone call to ask someone else. nope, we just hit google, and the world’s information is ours. there’s no shame in not knowing the who, what, and when of keeping your home sparkling clean. our comprehensive total clean checklist takes all the guesswork out of the home cleaning equation… and it can be our little secret. the point isn’t to get to a completely checked off list (because you’ll have to start again tomorrow anyway), but to have a knowledgeable partner in the process of cleaning and maintaining your most valuable asset: your home. these tasks might feel mundane, but they’re what make your space feel like home. and, to be honest, they’ll be the tasks that make your friends green with envy because look-at-how-attentive-you-are-to-every-detail. staying on top of these tasks will keep you in an always-on state of spontaneous company possibilities. do these tasks about once a week. do these tasks about 2x a month.

start making these tasks a priority, and you’ll be impressive to anyone who walks through your door—even your judgy mother-in-law. take a congratulatory selfie when you complete these tasks. they require the greatest amount of effort, but the payoff (and pride) is just as huge. do these tasks once a year. here’s a few of our favorite cleaning hacks, but there’s a treasure trove where these came from. you’re ready to get out and conquer the world… or at least your own home. ), be sure to download our comprehensive total clean checklist at the link below. a room-by-room spring cleaning checklist that will have your home spotless. a clear and comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating a useful checklist for your daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning chores—plus helpful tips and product recommendations from sandy park. we’ve rounded up those summer chores you might have forgotten about in one easy checklist, plus tips to make the work easier. an easy-to-follow guide to cleaning your home and creating a cleaning routine that you can stick to.

we all know the feeling: your baseboards are gathering dust, your oven is accumulating crust, and to be honest, you can’t even remember the last time you dusted your light fixtures. each room will be written out in ceiling to floor order, starting with ceiling fans and light fixtures, so grab a ladder before you get started. the answer to this question depends on numerous factors. typically once a month is your best bet, but use your best judgement, and when all else fails, run your finger across the major surfaces in your home to check for dust and walk around barefoot for an hour. grab your step ladder and add 1-2 sprays of all-purpose cleaner to a microfiber cloth. you can repeat this process for the fronts of cabinets and drawers as well. you might need to use a steel wool pad to scrub your oven and stove grates if gunk is really stuck on them. be sure to lift up the corners of any rugs and pick up small mats when you vacuum.

in your bathroom, start again with high dusting on light fixtures and ceiling fans. try to hold back and add 1-2 small sprays of glass cleaner to your mirror, then wipe down with a bar mop towel. start with the inside first, using a toilet bowl brush and toilet bowl cleaner to scrub the inside. it helps if you have a vacuum with a crevice tool, especially in your bathroom, as it helps to reach behind the toilet where hair and dust can get caught. after you’ve done high dusting, refresh your microfiber with a spray of all-purpose cleaner and dust the rest of the room. a microfiber cloth is the most effective and gentlest way to pick up the dust. mop and vacuum as needed, and be sure to get the dust on your baseboards with a bar mop towel. you can use a round brush tool attached to a canister vacuum first, then follow up with an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth.