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human resources workflow is when you automate documentation submissions, such as leave of absence, timesheets, internal surveys, and performance reviews, and deliver superior support to your employees by providing a centralized portal for submitting, approving, and tracking hr requests. “when new employees need to be set up in the system, hr receives requests to set them up on payroll as well as complete other new employee paperwork. there is also a process through hr that allows managers to maintain performance notes and yearly review information. getting new employees on board faster means our clients will get medical professionals ready to deliver care more quickly.” below is an example of an employee leave request with a request form and full process. for more information, you can view the process in our process apps library.

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human resource workflows are the series of steps to complete anticipated and repetitive tasks. manual human resource workflow management creates inefficiencies and productivity drops in the hr department. it automates the document approval process in order to fulfill a specific hr objective such as leave of absence, timesheets, internal surveys, and performance reviews. by automating the process of creating and managing employee information, manual errors can be reduced, and data retrieval becomes easy. if employees change their employee records such as designation, salary, role, etc, a workflow is started that requires approval before the new information is saved. manual onboarding practices can jeopardize all the hard work that goes into recruitment. with docsvault’s automated electronic workflow, a new employee information form is submitted, which passes to the manager for verification.

after that, the employee role is reviewed, and the onboarding process is completed. docsvault’s automated workflow not only creates a standard, streamlined path, but it can also clear the confusion and help in tracking and auditing. the date and reason are reviewed and approved by the team head or manager and go to the hr department for signature to sanction the leaves. docsvault’s robust workflow management helps to speed up this process and removes the need for paperwork. once they submit the report, it goes for approval to the hr department. this saves a lot of time for the employees and organization and eliminates sources of error. if your company is experiencing expansion on the horizon and you’re still processing hr-related tasks manually, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

there are a number of internal business processes that the hr team is responsible for. an hr workflow is a series of steps that help the human resource team manage an internal business process. as a result, hr teams are able to create processes that are consistent with internal policy and standards. regardless of the industry, hr workflow templates ensure faster approvals and better security.

the template offers a more structured way to organize how hr teams receive such referrals, handle evaluations, keep candidates informed, and close the loop. an interview feedback template allows for faster documentation, better training of hiring managers, and provides objective feedback on the hiring process. the performance bonus template can help managers evaluate performance and coordinate with hr on the documentation and payroll process. when an employee quits or is terminated, hr teams must ensure that the employees are kept aware of any procedures that need to be completed. it also helps hr to ensure that new employees receive all the necessary equipment and system access in a timely manner.

in the human resources field, a cross-module workflow system is a digital process that starts automatically from the hris core and operates through the different connected smart modules of the hr functions. to facilitate the arrival of a new employee in the company, the hr professional generally follows a well-defined protocol. indeed, you won’t be able to connect your various existing hr software on a single platform without an hr core which is also part of the peoplespheres solution. the new employee is then automatically filled in as an “employee” on the hr core.

action 3: the hr core automatically notifies the hr professional, the manager, and the employee of the onboarding interview (date, schedule, etc)  action 4: the hr core notifies the training module of the arrival of a recruit so that it can assign them an e-learning training path. action 4: if the objective is not achieved, the hr core automatically triggers a training in the connected training module. action 5: the hr core automatically notifies the employee of the date of the end-of-trial period interview and informs him/or her of the potential training put in place. digitalization is now embracing the hr function, and the automation of hr processes is proving to be an essential strategy for optimizing human resources productivity.

luckily, it can be applied to several business departments, and here we’ll focus on hr workflow automation. what is more, thanks to the expansion of itsm principles beyond it (known as esm or enterprise service management), you can use your company’s help desk software to do it, avoiding having to purchase hr automation software. keep reading to discover more about the processes that can be automated within hr – and quick tutorials on how to do it with invgate service desk! the beauty of this is that since you automate hr workflows within invgate service desk, all the other departments involved will already be using that same tool, so you can monitor the process from a centralized platform. in this case, you can opt to route issues and inquiries to payroll experts, or the payroll third-party provider, or create an integration with your payroll system.

and the best part is that you can solve most of them with knowledge base articles! however, automation can be helpful to avoid employees “falling through the cracks” and being neglected by the support teams. the positive side of using invgate service desk, in this case, is that you can tag facilities and it to fulfill requests while having complete visibility of the request status. of course, there’s specific hr software to explore, but you can also take a different approach and take advantage of invgate service desk. and if you want to ask around before requesting it, schedule a call with our team so they can show you how it works!