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we start by applying all we’ve learned about taking precautions to protect ourselves and others against this virus as we build business, employee and consumer confidence. ultimately, we will get back on track and create an even stronger indiana. governor holcomb has used data to drive decisions since our first case of the novel coronavirus in early march. to get back on track, indiana must continue to stay ahead of covid-19. on may 1st, 2020 governor eric j. holcomb addressed the state regarding covid-19 and how indiana plans on getting back on track.

5 stages to get indiana back on track. learn more about the different stages and the associated dates to get a better understanding about where we’re going as a state. this includes any business that has remained open during the stay at home order, as well as those opening to employees and customers in the coming days and weeks. during this time of uncertainty, faith communities and religious leaders are working together to provide safe ways to serve and encourage their communities. the purpose of this guidance is not to restrict religious liberty, but to provide safe environments and save lives during these extraordinary times. you’ll find a variety of items available for purchase from indiana companies, with free shipping to indiana customers.

to get back on track, indiana must continue to stay ahead of covid-19. provides recommendations as places of worship prepare a plan for services during the next stages of indiana’s reopening. gov. holcomb announces new coronavirus phase: it’s stage 4.5 eric holcomb declined to move full speed ahead into stage 5 of indiana’s back on track plan, noting that many other indiana will continue easing the stay-at-home restrictions in as long as new covid-19 cases don’t delay those plans. the current plan is for marion and lake to move into stage, .

to view governor holcomb’s back on track indiana plan, visit coronavirus assistance toolkit the latest information on covid-19 is posted at the indiana state is the covid -19 test covered by my health plan? indiana’s death toll from covid-19 stands at 2,733. the nation’s death toll from the coronavirus hit,

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