indigo energy healing

it is a color that is calming to both the nervous system and the lymphatic system. in nature, it is the time of contemplation and meditation. indigo is associated with contemplative and meditative energy, it can work well in a bedroom or meditation room. it is also the connection to our intuition. as beings of light and energy, our sense of empowerment is linked to our intention. it is associated with light, the archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection.

it is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. it is the stone of vision, insight and psychic awareness. it allows us to see the overview clearly and unflinchingly, as from a hawk’s eyes. this is the stone of ancient knowledge and wisdom. it is used for expressing logic and ideas due to its connection with the throat chakra. it allows you to become certified with and the national association of holistic wellness as a practitioner and healer in this incredible art form!

the healing properties of indigo – indigo combines the deep blue of devotion with a trace of stabilizing and objective red, it is cool, electric, and astringent. as it embodies the spirit of perception, it will promote higher inspirational thoughts; it is the great purifier and purger. it takes courage and self-reliance to be able to state your views or your feelings even in the face of possible rejection. in “the color course – the diversity of color healing” you will learn that just as our bodies need food and water to survive it also needs color or light to balance and energize because color is light and light is an essential nutrient to all life.

it is on the cooling spectrum range, and assists in finding inspiration, concentration, insight, imagination, focus, sheer devotion, clarity of awareness and intuition. indigo is also the color of intuition and perception and is helpful in the opening of the third eye. have some fun and see how colors can change when viewed on different backgrounds and in different shades… see fun with color i am sure you too have found a lot of valuable insights into energy healing and by sharing our knowledge we get to help one another. see an example of how this works with an interesting story of what happend to me about perfection. you can also share or comment on any page of this website, just see the “share this page” and “leave a comment” options at the very bottom!

indigo energy is a masterful mix of red and blue, mimicking the hue of twilight, the realm of the darkest sea or the depths of your intuition. the healing properties of indigo energy works with the third eye chakra. it is used to regain direction, after being emotionally shattered. i offer usui reiki and colour reiki treatments as a one-to-one basis. chakra-balancing and creative healing through art. angel card readings, what is the energy of indigo light, what is the energy ev of indigo, indigo plant healing properties, indigo plant healing properties, reiki meditation.

reiki, crystal reiki, chakra balancing, spiritual house cleansing, reflexology, sound therepy. mind body indigo energy healing therapies in pleasanton, ca.reiki healing touch certified practitioner in the east bay area. energy healing is a holistic indigo spiritual healing what is this method designed to do? it is designed exclusively to help adult indigos remember the truth of who they are—their unique, .

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