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as substance abuse and dependence impedes an individual’s ability to achieve his or her goals, it is the goal of integrative counseling to aid individuals to achieve abstinence from the use of mood-altering substances. congruent counseling services and integrative counseling provide behavioral health services to all ages in a caring, compassionate, and comprehensive environment. you will have the benefit of a safe, comfortable and relaxing counseling environment while having the luxury of many highly skilled counselors to choose from. you will have the benefit of a safe, comfortable and relaxing counseling environment while at the same time have the luxury of many highly skilled counselors to choose from in one location. we discuss the effects of substances on a teens’ life and other areas that are suffering as a result of the use or causing the use. the goal of this program is to help individuals with serious substance use problems and possible co-occurring mental health issues to accept what they need to do in order to succeed in life. integrative counseling is state of maryland certified to offer dwi/dui education as required by judges and the maryland mva.

congruent counseling services utilizes a structured interview to assess the needs of the client and how we may best serve them. it is essential to be open and honest during your assessment. as a therapist and client learn more about each other, a reassessment or change in direction may be important. we can’t call you back if you don’t leave us a message. we can’t help if you don’t come. just like going to the gym, you can’t make change if you don’t show up. we can move at the pace you set. we can help get you there, but you have to show up.

on the other hand, it can feel totally defeating when you go to reach out for counseling! and taking that first step reaching out to start counseling can sometimes make you feel a bit scared or nervous. we believe in the power that is you! making that first call for counseling can be hard. going for counseling can make you feel “weak”, and we want to reassure you that exactly the opposite of that is true! millions of people seek anxiety therapy, depression treatment, support for grief & loss – and more and more people are looking for integrative treatments too – each & every day. each session is 45-minutes in length and focuses on what you need the most.

whether we have your counseling sessions in our office or online, we know it’s hard to take that first step in reaching out for these services when you don’t really know us – yet. so please, take a moment to look around our site so you can get to know more about our counseling, online counseling via telehealth, anxiety therapy, depression counseling & grief & loss support. read more about online counseling… when you feel anxious or stressed, your whole person is involved in the process – from knots in your stomach, to tightness in your chest, to a racing mind. we understand anxiety is downright uncomfortable, significantly getting in the way of the quality of your life. we have many years of experience and training in helping people with depression because of just how common it is in our society. it is always troubling, and for some people it can be disabling. we provide you with a safe, non-judgmental space to explore these intense feelings and work alongside you while you meet the oftentimes challenging process of grieving. we encourage you to reach out to a licensed professional, such as your physician or mental health professional for assistance.

browse our extensive directory of the best integrative therapists, integrative psychologists and integrative counselors near you. personalized, integrative care for your mind, body, and spirit. offering individual therapy and couples counseling in person and online. integrative counseling provides a range of educational and treatment services for adults and teens. learn more about your treatment options today!, integrative counseling services, integrative counseling services, counseling near me, integrative counseling services seattle, bad therapy movie.

seattle-based outpatient chemical dependency treatment program. we focus on connecting clinical practice with multi-disciplinary clinical research. kevin kane, lcsw and beth kane, lcsw are both licensed and highly-experienced therapists, certified in evidence-based and holistic counseling modalities. if you’re experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency department. privacy policy., transference psychology, resistance psychology.

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