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schedule tasks to the right people at the right time with gantt chart software that’s easy to use and fits your team’s workflow. build a project gantt chart in minutes with drag and drop scheduling, and keep your team in sync, updated, and productive all the way to the finish. switch from a gantt chart diagram to kanban, list, or calendar views in one click, and manage work across multiple projects in a single gantt chart or custom board. invite as many people as you want to collaborate on the project with a 30-day trial of our pro plan. ditch project confusion—and the need to keep up with a separate spreadsheet—by using our built-in raci tool to assign clear task roles and responsibilities. add estimated hours to your gantt chart as you plan, and track billable time from any project view without having to jump into a separate tool.

present updates in a meeting or report with pdf or excel csv exports, and send clients a view-only link to your gantt chart so they can check progress anytime. teamgantt is a cloud-based gantt chart tool. teamgantt’s collaborative gantt chart tool makes it a great alternative to sharepoint, excel, and microsoft project. remote teams love how easy it is to use our web-based gantt chart program from anywhere with an internet connection. teamgantt automatically keeps a history of every update and change to your gantt chart. this helps standardize your project plans and saves time by eliminating the need to make gantt charts from scratch. every team and business benefits from having a simple online gantt chart that’s easily accessible and flexible.

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lucidchart is an intelligent diagramming application that takes gantt charts to the next level. add a video or screen recording to your gantt chart to include more information about your project. share the most up-to-date version of your gantt chart using your favorite apps like slack, confluence, jira, google workspace, microsoft excel, word, powerpoint, and more. lucidchart is the trusted diagramming app of millions of users, with hundreds of 5-star reviews on apps like capterra, g2, and trustradius. lucidchart helps teams collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world. enhance productivity while working with your team to achieve your goals. drive alignment with your team by collaborating in the same space. quickly map out processes and ideas together in real time so that you never miss a beat. create a living blueprint of your organization. a gantt chart is used for project management to visualize all tasks from the beginning of a project to its completion.

compile a list of project timeline information, stakeholders, tasks, and resources to ensure that your gantt chart is as thorough as possible. share the most up-to-date version of your gantt chart with stakeholders to analyze potential pain points, make updates, and recognize progress as your projects move forward. once your gantt chart is ready, you can share it with your team via email, link, slack, or join id. gantt charts are used to help teams plan tasks, projects, and deadlines, and they’re useful for resource allocation. a timeline is a representation of events in sequential order. a gantt chart is a type of timeline adopted in project management. it’s a visual project timeline that displays project tasks. you can present your gantt chart by using presentation mode in lucidchart or by exporting your diagram directly to other apps like google slides. you can create a gantt chart in lucidchart, then use our free add-on to insert it into excel—or use our step-by-step guide to make a gantt chart in excel. a gantt chart is a visual project timeline that displays project tasks.

use our web-based app to create professional powerpoint® gantt charts or roadmaps in minutes. i manage a team of service designers who are not usually experts in project management, but the highly visual interface and ease of use has made managing our projects a breeze. office timeline online provides me with a really quick way to create and maintain powerpoint timelines from the web. the bright colors and distinctive shapes make it easy for them to quickly understand what’s at stake, and my slides always stand out. office timeline online is a free, accessible gantt chart and timeline maker that helps you communicate visually. create a view-only link to your gantt chart or invite team members to collaborate so they can see your graphic and edit or share it further. assign individual tasks and milestones on your gantt chart to help team members understand what they should be working on.

combine the flexibility of a cloud-based gantt chart maker with the familiarity of the best presentation software to better prepare for your important meetings. quickly turn project plans into a presentation-ready gantt chart that you can easily share and update together with your team. load your project® file into our online gantt chart maker to make a vibrant visual that will impress your audience. bring in your project tracker from excel® to instantly generate a gantt chart and keep everyone aligned with a straightforward visual. convert your smartsheet plans into clean gantt charts that are easy to access and understand. use the web app to create timelines online wherever you are and download them as native powerpoint slides. all rights® powerpoint®, excel®, project®, word®, office 365® and windows® are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation.all trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

yes, you can use the free version of instagantt for asana, which allows you to connect a maximum of 3 projects and no groups. yes, you can create groups of projects to load combined gantt charts of more than one project. keep in mind that this is a premium feature on instagantt for asana. if a project doesn’t load, try disconnecting and connecting the project to reset it or loading it on a private navigation window. if this doesn’t work, please contact us for support. no, only certain custom fields can be synced from asana to instagantt. these include: estimated hours, estimated cost, actual hours, actual cost, priority and risk. yes, you can use a free asana account with instagantt for asana! however, there will be some things that will be adapted so you can use instagantt fields that are not available on the free version of asana.

a collaborative online gantt chart ensures that everyone shares a common understanding of what’s being done and what’s needed to achieve the objectives. in our online project planner, you can download a diagram or share a public url with a dynamic or static gantt chart and present it in a straightforward and concise way. thanks to the auto scheduling feature, you don’t need to worry if there are changes in dates and timelines of your tasks or in dependencies between them – ganttpro online gantt chart maker will recalculate everything automatically. our project scheduler equips you with the tools for higher precision and efficiency.

our project management tool helps to track and register how much time is spent on tasks. the difference lies in the time you save and the quality of the result. it is possible to work on them directly in ganttpro or download gantt charts for free in excel and google sheets. it is 100% user-friendly and it saves a lot of time in project management and also communicating with all the people involved in the project.