jeffrey thompson sound healing

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our specially designed and patented sound table is the best sound table technology in the world. this is of extreme importance when using the personalized bio-tuning system, which has personalized frequencies for rebalancing the brain and nervous system in synchrony for healing and expanding consciousness. prior to using the sound table i tested my urine for acid-alkalinity. i tested the second urine after the table because i felt that it would be a more accurate account since my kidneys and bladder had probably processed urine prior to the table.

in particular, the cnr bio-tuningĀ® / rt-hrv system enables a practitioner to access and measure the current state of balance of the ans to see if it is functioning normally. there are certain requirements we must have in speed, processing power, graphics and sound card sophistication that makes it a special job to continually get the best system currently available. we can watch how the ans is responding to the sound frequencies a client is being exposed to and the software program automatically captures the frequency that causes homeostasis to occurs in the ans. sound healing sessions can be created using this fundamental frequency (unique for each person) and various aspects of the sound mix can be adjusted and controlled.

dr. jeffrey thompson s pioneering work has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks induce brainwave dr. jeffrey thompson began experimenting with sound and its effects on the body and brain in 1981 at his holistic health center in virginia. dr. jeffrey thompson. 8582 likes 40 talking about this. “healing the body, heart, mind and spirit with sound”, dr jeffrey thompson sound table, dr jeffrey thompson sound table, jeffrey thompson obituary, jeffrey thompson neuroacoustic, dr jeffrey thompson website.

dr. thompson utilizing his patented bio-tuning brainwave entrainment technology then delivers a synchronicity of light pulses, sound and kinesiologic no information is available for this page. about dr jeffrey: dr. jeffrey thompson is the founder/director of the center for neuroacoustic research in carlsbad, california, a research, jeffrey thompson code, dr jeffrey thompson wikipedia.

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