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they were given the sert facility on dwyer hill road in ottawa as their own base of operations, and permanently parked a greyhound bus and a dc-9 aircraft on the grounds for use in training. in phase iii the candidates application, fitness test results and related documentation is forwarded to jtf2 for review. in addition, they must take the same screening test that assaulter candidates take to determine their suitability for jtf2.

afghanistan: 2001–present approximately 40 jtf2 assaulters were sent to southern afghanistan in early december 2001, although the canadian public was not informed of the deployment, following the american declaration of a war on terror. according to the cbc, jtf2 was also in haiti at the time that haitian president jean-bertrand aristide was ousted from power in 2004. they protected the canadian embassy and secured the airport. according to a doccument obtained by radio-canada and cbc, members of the jtf-2 were accused of killing a taliban operative who was in the process of surrendering, the members were later cleared by an investigation conducted by the military police. a character named roger mcallen, who was part of the former royal canadian mounted police sert, ported over to jtf2 when they were handed over responsibility for counter-terrorism duties in 1993. recently, jtf2 has entered the public eye in the canadian television series the border and flashpoint, which introduce characters from the unit

the jtf2 physical fitness selection test reporting form – dnd 2473. (annex b ) shall be the only form utilized to record special operation coxswains. coxswains are selected from regular force occupations to fulfill jtf 2 there are two fitness evaluations that apply to joint task force two (jtf2): join the trade as a special operations coxswain, called the special operations coxswain physical fitness selection test., jtf2 coxswain site www reddit com prmd insv, jtf2 coxswain site www reddit com prmd insv, jtf2 assaulter, jtf2 supporter, jtf2 selection.

“[jtf2] makes a significant contribution whenever deployed…but because of its prior to selection, candidates for special operations coxswain positions must undergo a four-phase selection process. this category also includes the special operations coxswain position. support and specialist members selection jtf2 | canadian special operations. joint task force 2 (jtf2) is an elite special operations force of the, jtf2 training, jtf2 training program, jtf2 fitness standards, cansofcom, jtf2 medical officer

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