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mostly bodyweight too so good for the covid gyms only thing within his control is the physical and that is a tricky thing to accept during selection. it’s been some years now but the response used to be basically “yes”, “no but try again in the future.”, or “no and don’t come back.” remember, it’s easy to find some jacked people who can bench press the world, the mental side is much harder to both possess and to find in others. mental agility and the ability to cope is totally yours to control. the draft is essentially an opportunity to try out for the most part. making it in to a tier 1 sf unit is the same, it’s the pinnacle. you have to want it the whole time. the selection is a week of hell. then if you get asked to try out for the assaulters course be prepared to work in a high stress high intensity environment for basically 10 months iirc. your head has to be in the game the whole time.

and basically went home to take care of that stuff. you genuinely have to want it. thisguy was wondering when the next jtf 2 tryouts are”. the pre-selection pt is meant to ramp you up to the volume in phase iii, the real grunt work needs to be the year or two leading up to that trg. get used to setting goals, accomplishing them regardless of how you feel in the moment and once you get to the end push a little further. the cadre will decide if they want you, your only job is to put out to the end. another good area that can be improved is your reflexes. you would be surprised at how much one can improve all of the above. you need to be a strong leader and follower.

man that jtf2 fitness plan is just a super good fitness program in general. mostly bodyweight too so good for the covid thank you very much for sharing your information. good luck on your journey through to the jtf2! continue this thread. to join the military after high school. i plan to do infantry. i’m not sure how hard it is or what it takes to join the jtf2 but …, jtf2 requirements, jtf2 requirements, csor, jtf2 soac, jtf2 coxswain.

so much secrecy behind the jtf2. was it actual members that shows up? i’m asking since i believe it to be illegal to has anyone who’s looked at the pre-selection training manual (first thing you find when you google) noticed that the 54 votes, 88 comments. 31.3k members in the canadianforces community. there are a lot of canadian armed forces, jtf2 salary, jtf2 boots, jtf2 ama reddit, jtf2 reputation

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