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the distances are mind-boggling: in 2002, master cpl. on june 21, harrison’s record was shattered by another canadian, an elite special forces sniper, who, according to the canadian military, killed an isis fighter in mosul from an incredible 3,540 metres. “canadian snipers are the best in the world. it’s the foundation, and it’s been retooled from lessons learned in afghanistan. that in itself may not make them better snipers but the gestalt of sniper-training and command-thinking combined could explain their skill.

“i have been very impressed with the young people in our special forces that i have interacted with overseas. i also think that in general our people are often capable of working at a higher level than the rank on their shoulder.” furlong agrees, adding that canadian soldiers are more “cross-trained” than many other soldiers in the world, and canada’s snipers specifically are given every opportunity to pursue leadership training that refines their mental capabilities, a key component to the psychologically demanding job they do. in one case a contributor to a military discussion suggested the sniper likely fired into a crowd of isis fighters and happened to hit one. but furlong points out that these types of distances, 3,000 metres and more, are regularly achieved on the shooting range. the pressure these guys are under is huge.

jtf2 is a top-tier special forces. whether they are the very best in the world or * among* the very best is debatable. there joint task force 2 (jtf2) is a special operations force of the canadian armed forces. regarded as the “jewel in with the canadian special operations regiment article done, i am now moving towards canada’s most elite group of, jtf2 reputation site www quora com prmd niv, jtf2 reputation site www quora com prmd niv, jtf2 training, jtf2 salary, jtf2 requirements.

beginning with hughes, the canadian army developed a culture, and now has a reputation for that’s the case with most special forces of course. but jtf2 has seemingly dodged infamy and insider jtf2 remains the only foreign special operation unit to be conducted into american tier 1 ranking (along with delta and, jtf2 vs seals, jtf2 reddit, jtf2 hand to hand combat, jtf2 selection, jtf2 missions

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