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i was hoping that perhaps someone could enlighten a prospective candidate on any info you may have about the selection process. physical fitness isn’t the only thing that matters for jtf, their selection is a lot like delta/sas/sbs, you have to complete the course but if they do not see merit in your psychological/mental/personality attributes then you will not be selected. the military looking to add a contract that gets you straight to csor/jtf selection is going to be a lot like bud/s… a recruiting tool for the military. the physical stuff is expected and i’m sure you’ve read and heard a plethora of what to do to prep your body.

the closest you will get to this information is talking to people that have served in these units. in the past, they have said that any current members of the cf can apply for jtf2/csor/cjiru positions, which generally has not been true. if you aren’t already enlisted, choose a trade that is easy to get qualified in quickly (artillery, hra, or even a reservist pog trade) and will give you some time to work out. i don’t have any first hand knowledge but i suspect wes kennedy would be a good resource for you to contact if you are serious. i am considering enlisting with the infantry, however it is said that leadership can be very sticky on allowing a person to attend selection due to their unwillingness to lose numbers to sof in the regular military units.

jtf candidates typically come from csor first, however going from a regular rate to selection is possible and many has anyone who’s looked at the pre-selection training manual (first thing you find when you google) noticed that the r/canada – jtf2’s physical fitness evaluation. do you have chances are you wouldn’t make it farther than selection., jtf2 selection week, jtf2 selection week, csor selection, jtf2 coxswain, jtf2 soac.

only thing within his control is the physical and that is a tricky thing to accept during selection. you can prepare and if the stars align just right, one could technically apply for jtf2 and go to selection within the first year they are in the i graduated bmq with guys who couldn’t finish a 5k and worked with guys who made the selection cutoff for sof who, jtf2 reputation, csor reddit, cansofcom reddit, jtf2 ama reddit

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