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the new duds for canada’s top soldiers are part of a wider effort to assign unique dress to special forces and visibly identify the command’s ‘distinct nature’ the top soldiers of canada’s special forces have been issued new uniforms that harken back to those worn by the famed devil’s brigade of the second world war. the uniforms will be issued toâ  those who are considered “operators” within the command, meaning they have done unique special forces training and can take on front-line roles. the special forces command had planned to introduce the new uniforms publicly by having staff wear them at remembrance day ceremonies in ottawa on nov. 11. but the first display turned out to be a sept. 27 farewell parade in ottawa for governor general david johnston. but the special forces command is not overly concerned from a security perspective, since the uniforms will be only worn on limited occasions and most times in controlled military settings, sources say.

the federal government recently issued a notice to industry that it was looking to buy over a five-year period more than 18,000 “multicam” uniforms. the ranks of the ottawa-based special forces organization will be boosted by 605 personnel, and $1.5 billion will be spent on new equipment ranging from surveillance aircraft to boats. the liberal defence policy signalled the desire to make more use of special forces and have them integrate further into the u.s.-led global network of clandestine troops. postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. visit our community guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings.

joint task force 2 (jtf2) is a special operations force of the canadian operators in distinctive forest-green canadian forces combat uniforms delivering captured prisoners to the americans. “the distinct uniform serves to identity canadian special operations forces command as the the jtf2 consists of volunteers from three branches of the canadian armed forces. the name comes, jtf2 training, jtf2 training, jtf2 reputation, jtf2 weapons, jtf2 salary.

jtf2 pre-selection physical fitness evaluation (2008). second edition: an interim operations manual for the jtf 2 – special forces or special operations forces are military units that have been highly trained to today, the command is comprised of jtf2; the special operations regiment; the canadian joint, canadian special operations regiment, jtf2 sniper, jtf2 vs seals, jtf2 motto

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