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seriously, imagine going to spa for some r&r only to have a bunch of kids running around — it’s that common in korea. when you’re a gainfully-employed adult working in the mercilessly fast-paced world of media, sometimes even setting aside time to relax is tedious. i’d heard of the overcrowding in bathhouses in manhattan and queens, and since sojo was sort of new and sort of out there, i figured it’d be a proper mini getaway. but allow me to rewind a bit to the actual process. they were the bane of bath time when my mom would scrub the hell out of me, but apparently no one ages out of them as they are still a korean spa staple.

my attendant gently directed me, lifting my arms and legs as necessary to really get into those areas i frankly was unaware required exfoliating. she went over my extremities, torso, neck, and chest (having your boobs vigorously scrubbed, by the way, feels about as charming as it sounds) a few times, and peeking out from under my towel, i could see the super-sized gray eraser dust littered around me. sojo spa has a couple cafes and a full restaurant on the premises, where i helped myself to a nice korean meal of dduk mandu guk (a rice cake dumpling soup). and yet, i made it home where i flopped on my bed, not even bothered about the monday that was to come in the morning. if not for just the smoothest skin of your life, a korean body scrub is quite possibly the most efficient way to literally scrub away any residual hard feelings, if you catch my drift.

in the summer, when sweat, body shimmer, and sunscreen combine, it is even harder to keep a handle on my body acne. even though the thought of having clear skin after the scrub got me excited, i was a bit nervous. i made sure mine was in the late afternoon, so i’d have time to properly eat and explore.

i was drifting away in a 100-degree hot tub when a woman clad in an orange two-piece bathing suit yelled out, “number 1065!” i got out and proceeded to one of the scrub stalls, which are semi-enclosed cubicles with vinyl-covered massage tables in the middle. when i came back to our stall, i laid on my back and the woman placed a towel over me and began a deep tissue massage that thoroughly worked out my knots. she was so gentle that not once did i feel her tug on my hair. not once did i feel judged walking around in just my bathing suit, or naked in the wet area—and as a result, i felt more appreciative and loving of my body.

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