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a korean body scrub, or seshin, is the full-body answer to our ongoing lust for all things k-beauty. spacastle premier—the new york iteration of a korean bathhouse—had a few more bells and whistles than the typical spa in, say, seoul. thus when i was informed that the seshin was also a totally nude experience, i didn’t contemplate the mechanics; i just swaddled myself in my small towel and followed the spa attendant’s prescrub directions. after another half hour spent soaking and steaming, i was retrieved by a middle-aged woman outfitted in a sporty black underwear-and-bra set (the traditional garb, it turns out, of the ddemiri, or scrubbing ladies). i lay on the slick table, face up, promptly relieved of my vision by means of a washcloth draped over my eyes. i looked, i imagine, like a cadaver prepared for autopsy.

while my steams and soaks had left me feeling pleasantly out-of-body, let me tell you: there’s nothing like a bombastic rubdown from a lingerie-clad lady to snap you into a state of hyperconsciousness. as i changed positions, i caught sight of my newly pink limbs covered in what can only be described as small gray rolls of dead skin, which was at once unnerving and oddly satisfying. once thoroughly sloughed, i was sloshed with soap and water, shampooed, and given a hearty head massage. so enamored was i of the feeling that, once home, i promptly ordered my own set of traditional scrubbing mitts, aka korean italy towels. with the aid of simple bar soap and a 30-minute soak in a hot bath to prep, it turns out that it’s easy to macgyver the spa experience at home. and you’ll want to.

the scrub session is the pinnacle of the korean sauna experience, and it always leaves you refreshed, especially if you conclude the session with a big jug of ‘sikhye’, the korean sweet rice drink. the benefits of body exfoliation according to dermatologist annie chiu, “exfoliating [your body] gives your skin a glow and even skin tone you might not achieve without exfoliation.” but beyond just giving you a glowing, more even-toned skin, exfoliating your body is an effective way to prevent common problems associated with the skin on your body. it allows you to wash your body and exfoliate in one go—it takes me two minutes in the shower to do both. i find that the areas that collect more dead skin cells, like elbows and the little bones on the sides of your ankles, can take on a harder scrub.

with this, you simply have to wet it and scrub away dead skin cells on your heels. skinfood has a scrub made specially for the body, which smells amazing, but i also sometimes take the leftover tub of the skinfood black sugar mask wash off and use it on my body. either way, the point is to properly moisturize your body after you exfoliate, just like you would with your face. regularly exfoliating your body will make a difference you can feel, and it doesn’t have to be a difficult, expensive process.

it’s not painful, but it is vigorous. a kindly man-handling if you will. my attendant gently directed me, lifting my arms and legs as necessary a traditional korean body scrub with soap and body wash that provides an invigorating exfoliation and stimulates circulation. korean body scrub plus. 60 min people get korean body scrubs for the first time ; multiplayer by buzzfeed not chelsea crewneck sweatshirt white / xl. $38.00 ; multiplayer by, korean full body scrub near me, body scrub spa, body scrub spa, best korean body scrub, korean body scrub at home.

the intense korean cleansing process (called “seshin”) entails soaking the body in hot water, then rubbing it with a “korean italy towel” — a colorful, thin loofah with a sandpaper-like texture — to rid the body of all the gunk, dirt and layers of dead skin that accumulate naturally. the original korean exfoliating mitt body scrub 4pcs (green2 red2) yiclick korean exfoliating gloves 2 pcs, spa exfoliator scrub i went to a korean spa for a full body scrub and my acne-prone skin has never felt better. here’s what to expect from the treatment. with a $25 entrance fee (which some waive or discount if you book a service) and a roughly $40 scrub, the total cost of going to a k-spa is less, korean body scrub before and after, korean body scrub cloth.

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