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october lotus is a holistic healing and self-care company that provides reiki services and education and organic herbs for womb wellness introducing october lotus’ new collection of herbal teas and a yoni steam formulated to support challenges experienced by pre- and postnatal women. this process activates a natural healing process within the client’s body to restore physical and emotional well-being. i receive messages that bring into awareness what is coming up to be healed. yoni steaming is the process of steaming your vulva with a combination of our organic healing herbs and distilled hot water to maintain reproductive health. ???? we recommend using our herbs in a bath or for yoni steaming, both of which can aid in increased fertility, reducing cramps, lighter periods, soothing pms and menopause symptoms, reducing fibroids and ovarian cyst discomfort, post-natal care and more. we offer various herbal blends to support your womb’s needs for at home steaming. our teas treat the same symptoms as the yoni steams, but are formulated to be taken orally.

we know it can be difficult to keep up with your womb wellness regimen. the two options below are great for those of you who utilize both the herbal tea and yoni steam. 4 ounces is recommended for those steaming once a month and drinking the tea as needed. the 8 ounce options is best for those steaming twice a month and drinking the tea more frequently. you receive 20% off of the regular price when you subscribe to a plan or individual product. if you have been interested in learning more about reiki or becoming a reiki practitioner, now is the time to register for reiki training & certification. classes are in-person at the lotus den in chicago. october lotus creates blends for yoni steaming which has helped me in my quest to lessen my pain from menstrual cramps.

a system of natural health care that involves healing and relieving of pain. a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and the effects of these disorders on general health. more i’ve been seeing dr. ensweiler off and on for many years, and i would definitely recommend him to anyone. my wife used to say he has healing hands, and i agree.

dr. millard is also excellent, and the whole staff is friendly and competent. i started out going through the hellerwork series on the referral of a friend and he has since become by “go to” person for any number of body issues that have come up with my back, elbow, knee and most recently hip. i wish more of lotus’ services were covered by my health insurance but certainly appreciate the time and effort spent by the staff at lotus to run as much as possible through insurance and keep me informed. our goal is to continue to offer and provide the highest quality natural health care services to all of our patients and clients in a caring and supportive environment.

we offer an array of services available in aiding you on your journey to self-improvement, south bend, in 46637-3942. lotus energy healing finished creating some summer solstice floral head wreaths for next weeks summer solstice meditation retreat!! excited to create, hold & october lotus is a holistic healing company offering reiki and herbal remedies for womb wellness., .

we do so by providing the physical and spiritual teachings of yoga, meditation, breathing, community events, retreats, trainings and self development courses. a system of natural health care that involves healing and relieving of pain. lotus healing arts uses this specialized form of laser therapy to promote free and open company data on indiana (us) company lotus natural healing llc (company number 202102011458369), .

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