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smartdraw can also help you document processes in real time to serve as the foundation for your team’s collaborative discussions and brainstorming sessions to improve processes at your orgnization. will it be used to brainstorm the flow for a product or system? you can drag and drop this flowchart symbol from the left panel to your work area. you can also hold down the [ctrl] key and hit any arrow key to automatically add the most recently used shape in the direction of the arrow. you can select the shape you want to change and use the right-click menu to change it.

if you need to move a step, just click to select it and drag it to its new position. hold down the ctrl key and hit the arrow in the direction you want to insert a new step. keeping with the orientation of your swimlane, if you have a horizontal swimlane container and you add a new shape that would be outside the container vertically, smartdraw will automatically add a new lane to the pool to accomodate your new step. you can click that icon to access the link. select the symbol or shape you want to add a picture to and pick picture from the insert menu on the main toolbar.

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in simple terms, flowchart or flow chart, is a type of diagram that describe processes. below are 5 easy steps you can follow to make a flowchart from scratch. this helps in choosing the suitable types of process maps to build. 3. swimlane flowchart: the purpose of this graphical representation is to clarify the interaction process between different employees, departments, and processes, such as sales process steps that involve other parts of a business. a data flowchart comes in handy when one needs to analyze a plan or design a new one.

the following are some of the most popular elements used in basic process mapping: – start/end: a pod shape or oval shape.- action: a rectangle.- document: a rectangle featuring a rippled bottom.- multiple documents: a symbol showing three accumulated rectangles with rippled bottoms.- decision: diamond shape. in addition, the diagram maker needs to add lines and arrows to illustrate the direction of flow and the relations between critical elements. after a series of steps, the flowchart has already come to life with the complete flow, actions, and components. the flowchart maker can develop possible solutions to achieve a practical process map based on the viewer’s responses. our online flowchart maker zen flowchart has a handy publishing feature, which allows you to publish and share your flowcharts. furthermore, flowchart tools can help you publish and share your documents easily to colleagues and clients.