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external links may not function and information on the site may be out of date. successful structures allow users to predict where they will find information on the site. the three main organizational structures are hierarchical, sequential, and matrix. in hierarchical structures, sometimes referred to as tree structures or hub-and-spoke structures, there is a top down approach or parent/child relationships between pieces of information. users start with broader categories of information (parent) and then drill further down into the structure to find narrower, more detailed information (child).

an example of this type of structure is when a user is attempting to purchase something or are taking a course online. this type of structure takes full advantage of the principles behind hypertext, or html. for example, one user could choose to navigate through a set of content based on date while another navigates based on topic. this type of model facilitates a more dynamic experience generally allowing for advanced filtering and search capabilities as well as providing links to related information in the system that has been properly tagged. it’s important to put thought into the structure and ensure that it takes into account content updates in the future.

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for example, the organizational structure of government agencies, business units, or private companies always has a well-defined chain of command and operating procedures. the structure helps define who is responsible for what and who the employees can turn to for help. in this hospital org structure example, the organizational chart establishes a clear chain of command from top to bottom.

in a network structure, the organization has a decentralized network of interconnected entities, both internal and external, that collaborate to achieve common goals. everything must be taken into account when developing a structure to guarantee that all employees understand their positions in the company. employees will be more successful in accomplishing duties if they have a better understanding of organizational structures. the examples provided in this post can be used by companies to create structures that are best suited to their goals and available resources.