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there were scarves everywhere i turned – outside on a rack, inside on shelves and hanging in every part of the store. i called the store respectfully, and was told by the woman who works there that the owner was not available. her voice had the triumphant tone of “i told you so” and was utterly dismissive.i asked her if she felt better knowing that this is how she handled a customer service call. i want a phone call from the owner — and an acknowledgement of really shitty behavior on the part of an employee who stands as the front face of a business meant to gather people together. and i like it even more that they don’t seem to be gouging you on any of the prices.

i didn’t find it yet, but it’s always a welcoming and peaceful experience when i shop at mandala. i was walking by this store today and couldn’t resist looking at the jewelry. unfortunately everything i wanted to look at was either in the window or at the front of a big glass case and there was lots of stuff in the way, but the owner was very cheerful and happy to show me everything. this is extremely unfair to us as we make sure that a product is in good condition while making the sale and many of our jewelry are one of a kind and cannot be replaced and refunded immediately for customer negligence. well, not only did i have a problem but the owner was accusing me of breaking the necklace which i never opened. the owner was telling me of her woes of being a small business owner and this is her policy and if i was unhappy, too bad.i don’t mind spending the big bucks for a necklace, but if i am not happy with my purchase, i have every right to return the item without a store credit.

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