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to insert a map in the 365 version of powerpoint, press alt, n, c, 1 for “insert chart” and select “map” on the left-hand side (press alt, release it, press n, release it, press c, release it, and press 1 and release it). in most cases, though, you want to do something much simpler, such as displaying a company’s countries of operations or the states in which it owns properties.

you can enter a wide variety of different regions in this window, and powerpoint does a good job of “figuring out” the correct way to display them. for your practice exercise in this lesson, you need to create two powerpoint maps for jazz pharmaceuticals’ office locations worldwide (1 map for the u.s. and canada and 1 for europe). finally, you will need to insert a “dummy shape,” such as a white rectangle, to hide the copyright information from bing and microsoft in the bottom-right corners: powerpoint maps are great for “company operations” and “global presence” slides, but there are many other chart types in powerpoint.

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we’ll show you how to insert and customize a world map in powerpoint easily and free of charge. the world map is available as a free powerpoint chart in office 2019 / office 365. you can use powerpoint maps to visually illustrate data by coloring, highlighting, and formatting individual countries or the entire world. whether the expansion of your company into new countries (more information on that in our article on international brand management) or your products’ trade routes, a powerpoint world map clearly and engagingly conveys information quickly. you need to grant bing permission before using powerpoint maps, and that requires an internet connection. you can view and adjust the corresponding values in the excel column “series 1”. you can reopen the excel table any time by right-clicking the map and choosing “edit data”. cities and regions can only be mapped on the same level.

pay attention to which part of the map you click on, as the formatting task pane only refers to the selected map element, such as format chart area, format plot area, or format data series. that task pane also opens when you double-click on the map title. to delete a specific data label but not all, click on the data label you want to delete and press the delete key. before you change colors, consider carefully what color scheme to use, so that your map harmonizes with the entire presentation. you can also right-click on the map edge to open a popup menu with the same options. if you don’t have the right version of powerpoint or you want to avoid all these steps, you can also use templates provided by microsoft. empower® content creation can help you take powerpoint to the next level.

you can use a map chart to compare values and show categories across geographical regions. if you are a microsoft 365 subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of office. the values represent tax revenue in each country with each portrayed using a gradient spectrum of two colors. in the following example, countries by category, the categories are displayed using a standard legend to show groups or affiliations. simply input a list of geographic values, such as country, state, county, city, postal code, and so on, then select your list and go to the data tab > data types > geography. excel will automatically convert your data to a geography data type, and will include properties relevant to that data that you can display in a map chart.

tip: if your data is set up as an excel table, and then you add a country to the list, excel will automatically update it as a geography data type and update the linked map chart. you can also double-click the chart to launch the format object task pane, which will appear on the right-hand side of the excel window. if you need some of the map series options, then you can build your chart in excel for windows or mac and view it on an android device or excel mobile. answer: if you use data where there might be more than one similar location in the world, map charts can’t necessarily tell the difference without more guidance. in this instance, the data will map successfully when placing “washington” and “united states” into separate columns. there is a known issue where map charts which make use of geography data types can sometimes map incorrectly.

use a map to show the locations, branches and cities where your company is active. are you looking for a customized map of your sales territories? combine your maps with pie charts to display percentages of segment data, and revenue or product sales distribution in a given area. and provide a quick view of which regions are most important for your business. although circles are probably the best choice for this kind of map, you can of course use other shapes and graphics.

our world maps powerpoint template already contains the most important regions and designs, which are ready for you to use in your presentations. a simpler and more user-friendly way is to use ready-made maps in ppt format, which you can easily edit without having to draw or create the maps yourself. the maps can be used independently of other tools or software and are guaranteed to display correctly in all powerpoint versions. you can show a complete map overview on the first slide and then link the individual countries to other slides, which will only display the corresponding country and information. do you not have enough time to create your own maps and are looking for professional templates and maps? microsoft and microsoft powerpoint are trademarks or registered trademarks of microsoft corporation in the united states and/or other countries.

this makes it a dynamic tool for powerpoint presentations and online courses, providing a way to explore data and geographic locations in greater detail. follow these step-by-step instructions to create an interactive map in powerpoint: 2. click on the insert tab and select chart from the toolbar ribbon. as you begin to enter the names of the u.s. states, powerpoint will recognize that your focus is on a single country and will automatically adjust to display a map solely of the united states. 3. select a powerpoint presentation slide to which you want to add a map and click on the web object button in the insert section.

4. go to the google maps website and find a specific location you want to display on your map. all you need to do is add an image to your powerpoint slide and draw spots on it that will be highlighted when the mouse passes over them. just download it, place the pins where you want them, and your map is ready to go. if you find the methods for creating interactive maps using ispring suite compelling, go ahead and download the free 14-day trial to explore the tool’s capabilities firsthand.