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having a spa day at home might not be your biggest concern at the moment, but it’s also a perfectly acceptable response to seek comfort in the control of a beauty routine. “don’t forget to include the backs of your arms and your back,” she adds. lip masks are by far the easiest masks to do—just pick an extra-hydrating balm and slather on a thick layer before bed, or whenever your lips are chapped. “a weekly facial is a great way to give yourself a boost of skin-smoothing and brightening results to keep your skin on track,” she says. all it you need to do is fill up a tub with very warm water to the same height as your belly button (when you’re sitting). i usually sit and drape my arms over the tub with a good book in hand.” while the technique doesn’t entail any add-ons to be effective, it gets even better with a scoop of your favorite bath soak.

gently glide them from the center of your face out toward your ears, and then sweep down toward your collarbones along the sides of your neck to help with lymphatic drainage. “when my nails have been bitten down to a stump and my cuticles are dry and picked over, i like to use this mask as the final step to an at-home mani to seal in moisture,” she says. “once a week, i apply a fortifying oil like leonor greyl régénérescence naturelle to my scalp and l’huile de leonor greyl on my ends,” she says. “i use this mostly on the contours of my face, and it’s fantastic.” pair it with an oil or serum to ensure you don’t drag your skin (which can cause it to sag instead of firm). “i find it really allows me to be mindful and present while i apply my skin care, which has been a grounding practice lately,” she says. lee says the best way to make your diy spa session more relaxing is to add a calming drink with beauty benefits.

when you visit a luxury spa, everything is designed to keep interruptions at a minimum for continuous relaxation from one service to the next. decide what you want to accomplish through this time for yourself and prepare your mindset for the day. “consider setting up your tablet for a cyber spa day with friends who usually go to the spa with you! you can use it topically with a carrier oil, applying to the back of the neck, or inhale.

whether your go-to treatment is a glow-inducing facial, a radiance-redeeming body scrub or relaxing massage, the perfect spa treatment comes down to two main elements: products and technique. pro tip: have some warm, damp towels ready to wipe the products from your face before you moisturize for a soothing effect. for solo massage, you can try a massage tool, designed to apply pressure on the trigger points throughout your body, including your back, arms and even feet. and of course, you must pair your flavorful fare with a refreshing beverage. the beautiful thing about a spa day at home is that it is completely customizable to you and your preferences.

relaxing massage: for a great at home massage, make sure to use a quality massage oil or cream. try looking for one with skin-nourishing “make the bedroom your treatment room for pampering like massages and facials. light some candles – neom have some great ones, i’m currently 1. scrub from head to toe 2. have an invigorating aromatherapy shower 3. flood your face with steam 4. refresh tired and tattered feet 5., .

“enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home because you deserve it. home spa me offers a wide range of on-demand and on-location massage and spa massages are good. at-home massages are amazing! book your zeel® spa-quality massage today directly to your home, office or hotel. 5 tips on how to set up an at-home spa day set up your space – declutter the area you will be relaxing in. gather your supplies – no one wants, .

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