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while no one wants to spend their days in meeting after meeting – and while too many meetings can yield diminishing returns – they are a necessary part of business. one key to a thriving business is participation in meetings. if you require many new fields in addition to those already included, insert new rows to create more space. next, select the attendance worksheet that best fits your needs as meeting organizer. the attendees can sign off on the form to confirm their attendance. a tutorial on modifying color schemes can be found here. modify the column headings to tailor the attendance worksheet to your preferences.

if you are hosting a big meeting, with a large number of attendees, you can expand your attendance sheet to fit more people. to create more rows for attendees, copy (ctrl + c) the last row and “insert copied cells” to retain the original formatting. use the “freeze panes” option to retain column headings. can’t decide which of the two attendance worksheets to use? simply insert additional columns into either worksheet and enter the remaining column headings. to create multiple attendance sheets, duplicate the original attendance sheet each time you host a new meeting. delete any information that you don’t want to carry over to a new sheet and start the process all over again by listing attendees. to track multiple meetings in one worksheet, go to the “page layout” view and copy the attendance form to another page within the same worksheet, as shown below.