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It serves as identification and as a ticket that would permit them the enjoyment of services. This will add to the appeal and appreciation. Then modify it to maximize the effectivity of the template. Do this to suit the requirements of your own membership. After reading this article, you can download a template here. A gym membership card template will entitle the customer to discounts and privileges. Also, the card itself will be proof of their membership. Just make sure that the cards will contain the following: About the company that’s offering the membership: company namecompany logowebsitephone number About the member: namesignaturenumberbarcode About the membership: effective and expiration dateterms of usespecial ratesdiscounts A membership card is not only for membership or identification. Owning one would make the recipients treasure them now and for posterity in the near future. The cards are part of the latter’s marketing programs.

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Normally, the application for membership is free-of-charge. Then they can exchange the points for other services or products. The access to these benefits will make the customer feel that they are part of the organization. It can help keep him updated on current events and status of the club. The physical type of card you offer is a reflection of how you value yourself and your customers. Common categories are gold, platinum, and titanium membership cards.Acquire more information about your customers Most of us have noticed the magnetic strips found on credit and membership cards. This strip usually contains information about the member, his spending preferences, and patterns. Each time a member uses the magnetic strip, data gets gathered for that customer. This can make them feel important and may likely continue to purchase the same brand product. Membership cards will certainly make the company-customer relationship get stronger.

Take a second look and you’ll find out that most of these cards are generic. That means the cards contain basic information and the designs are flat. You can find this at the top of the start screen. This includes the club’s website, founding date, address, motto, and other relevant data.Next, it’s time to format your text. No one can stop you from doing so.Click on the “Insert” tab to add your club’s logo. Look through the files, find the logo, and double-click on it to add to the template. Go back and make the changes to the new card. All you need to do is replace the member’s name and other details like date of joining, nickname, address, and more.Repeat the copy and paste cycle on the other cards on the template. Do this to ensure that you will be using the last file you worked on.Make a printed copy of your membership card list on a sheet of paper. The design and layout on each card should be the same in size and spacing.Print your membership cards on an inkjet printer using magnetic photo paper.

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In such cases, use a ruler to guide your scissors when making the cut.

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A membership card has to be unique to the place, complete with a welcoming nature. Your old membership card looks like a dirty and unfashionable piece of paper, and your new look club needs a new look card.

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There are interesting marketing strategies associated with carrying a small card, as there are chances that it may help to spread the word about your club, spa, gym or whatever it is. And from the point of view of the member, it is pretty easy to carry it around, and hence, a small-sized membership card makes a lot of sense.Logo and BrandingThe logo needs to be colorful, and should symbolize what the club stands for―usually fitness, endurance, hard work, stuff like that.

The logo forms an important part of the branding strategy in the marketing of the club as well, so special attention needs to be given to it.ContentsThe card needs a little space for the photograph of the member, and the basic details of the member. This identification card will help the club identify the member, and know all the necessary details at one glance.Other StuffAnd lastly, if you have membership for different activities (swimming, gym, etc), and an umbrella membership for all activities, I would suggest that you color code the cards to symbolize the type of membership that the member is holding.

It also makes sense to differentiate between different periods for which the member may be holding so it becomes easier to recognize.Membership Card SampleHere’s a membership card sample for you to think about. Member Address:  email ID: Contact Number: A membership card serves two purposes from the point of view of the club; it helps identify the member along with spreading the word about the club.