microcurrent healing

the current is delivered to certain parts of your body in an attempt to relieve pain. a frequency is the rate at which a sound wave or electronic pulse is produced. when you’re treated with fsm, your healthcare provider uses a special device to deliver a mild electrical current to certain parts of your body. the electrical current used in this treatment is extremely mild — one millionth of an ampere. depending on the tissue involved, specific frequencies will be selected to encourage natural healing of the body and to reduce your pain. there are frequencies for nearly every type of tissue in your body. atp is the major source of energy for all cellular reactions in your body. fsm is most often used to treat pain, especially nerve and muscle pain, inflammation, and scar tissue, from the following conditions: in general, frequency-specific microcurrent treatment is non-invasive and painless.

during fsm treatment, you might feel a warmth and softening of the affected tissues. during your fsm treatment, your healthcare provider will first set the frequencies that are going to be used for your particular condition. the current is usually applied with a moistened towel or with skin patches. depending on the condition and your level of pain, the effects of an fsm treatment for pain can last several days or longer. certain frequencies also shouldn’t be used in cases of acute infection, new scar tissue (within six weeks) and acute fractures. the side effects of fsm treatments are usually very rare and mild. if you do experience side effects, they could include: cleveland clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. policy cleveland clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. we do not endorse non-cleveland clinic products or services.

in light of the many harmful side-effects from prolonged pharmaceutical use, more and more patients are looking for natural options to treat pain. every month new research is published citing the effective use of electro-medicine and therapies for a wide array of diseases and conditions. microcurrent healing offers therapy options for a wide variety of health concerns.

although we work with many conditions, your care program will always be tailored to your specific needs and goals to help you attain physical and mental well-being in our caring, nurturing and supportive environment. our mission is to support each of our clients in aligning their lifestyle, diet, and therapies with the natural and holistic rhythms of the human body. just like a beautifully composed symphony, when all of the body’s cells, tissues, and systems are biologically and electrically balanced, a splendid harmony will result!

frequency-specific microcurrent (fsm) is a way to relieve pain using very low levels of electrical current. this treatment option can be finally a safe option for pain management! no drugs, no side-effects, all natural. microcurrents reduce inflammation quickly and speed healing. objective: the primary aim is to assess the efficacy of microcurrent, a form of electrical stimulation, as an adjunct therapy in accelerating, microcurrent therapy side effects, microcurrent therapy side effects, microcurrent therapy benefits, microcurrent therapy for body, microcurrent therapy devices.

microcurrent is the application of frequency specific electrical currents to the injured part of the body. microcurrent therapy helps injured tissue heal faster and provides relief from pain caused by injury or chronic conditions. objectives: microcurrent therapy (mct) is a novel treatment for pain syndromes. the mct patch is hypothesized to produce stimuli that promote tissue healing microcurrent is the key to healing the body. it is not only has parasympathetic affect on the body, it enhances healing at the cellular levels. microcurrent therapy has traditionally been used to increase the rate of healing in injured athletes, to manage pain, increase the rate of fracture repair,, microcurrent therapy research, microcurrent therapy for scar tissue.

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