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a flowchart is a diagram that uses symbols and arrows to visualize a process. they’re used in a wide variety of disciplines and fields, from software development to education to business operations and beyond.z in what scenarios does it make sense to create or use a flowchart? they indicate when a process starts, the logic that makes it progress, and when it comes to an end. for example, an app developer might use an image of a bug to represent all the qa steps in launching a new feature.

in fact, you probably already use a tool that offers flowcharting capabilities — for example, microsoft excel, google docs, or google slides.unfortunately, these types of flowchart software have some limitations. this back-and-forth can cost you valuable time and prevent you from coming to solutions quickly as a cohesive team.if you need a flowchart maker that allows you to collaborate — especially with a remote or distributed team — you need a visual collaboration platform.visual collaboration platforms are especially useful when you’re in the early stages of designing a flowchart. you’ll have more flexibility with a dynamic flowchart creator that makes it easy to drag and drop symbols and quickly connect the dots — and to do it collaboratively. there are specific types of flowcharts designed to do each of those jobs — and we’ve rounded up five of the most common for you here.rather than starting from scratch, use a template to jumpstart your diagramming process. use a process flowchart (also called a business process flow or process flow diagram) to visualize all the steps and inputs of a business process to identify opportunities for improvement.

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to test these flowchart apps, i signed up for either a free account or trial of each and started one or more projects the way i normally would in my workflow. team collaboration: real-time team collaboration is a must in today’s remote work landscape, and for sharing projects with clients. you can even import and export visio format files for max compatibility, or to replace visio entirely. yep, this one is for my fellow writers and word-thinkers who prefer note-taking to clicking and dragging. as a writer, this is my kind of diagram app, though it’s primarily targeted to software and web developers. the native apps are missing a few important features, like templates and cloud storage, so if you don’t mind sticking to the web version for those, is a compelling option. canvas is a zapier product, and you’re on the zapier blog right now, so i appreciate any skepticism.

but if i were making a new marketing plan, the result would be a great place to start from and expand upon. the interface is easy to use, and it has a great template library to get you started right away. team plans with a central template library—including your custom templates and brand kit—make it easy for your entire organization to create the diagrams and graphics they need, on-brand. venngage’s exclusive library of millions of stock photos and illustrations and ai-powered design capabilities, combined with the ability to make any kind of business visual you can think of, make it a compelling choice for teams seeking an all-in-one graphics solution. for example, as you adjust the text size in a diagram, figjam translates the numerical font size you entered into words like “mammoth,” “ginormous,” “towering” and so on. it’s designed as a teamwork-focused diagramming app and includes the option to host live group video calls, or any user can call another one-on-one to work together from anywhere. usually not, though i believe these are the best diagram and flowchart software options for most types of people. this article was originally published in december 2018 by justin pot and has also had contributions from maria bell.

making any type of flowchart is easy and intuitive with smartdraw. next, you can add and connect shapes using a pop-up menu of relevant flowchart symbols. there is no need to create a parallel set of common folders and permissions, smartdraw can just save files directly into your existing set up. you can spend less time managing software and more time on making flowcharts. you can also easily export any diagram as a pdf or common image formats like png or svg.

you can save your flowchart to a shared folder or send anyone a link. your team can easily share comments and feedback. smartdraw fits right in with your existing workflows so you can plan, design, and discuss processes and your team stays on the same page. a flowchart lets you visualize a process for your business. if you just can’t work with a blank screen, a basic flowchart template will help you get started. if you need a collection process flowchart, start with a collection process flowchart template.