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an amortizing loan is just a fancy way to define a loan that is paid back in installments throughout the entire term of the loan. in the above example, we built a loan amortization schedule for the predefined number of payment periods. as the result, you have a correctly calculated amortization schedule and a bunch of empty rows with the period numbers after the loan is paid off. if you aim to create a reusable amortization schedule, enter the maximum possible number of payment periods (0 to 360 in this example). in this example, period 0 is in row 9 and period 1 is in row 10. if your amortization table begins in a different row, please be sure to adjust the cell references accordingly.

the difference is that this time we apply the white font color to the rows in which total payment (column d) and balance (column g) are equal to zero or empty: optionally, hide the period 0 row, and your loan amortization schedule with additional payments is done! do i simply add a minus sign to the extra payment figures or is there another way i can do this? if you have a specific question about the operation of a function or formula, i will try to answer it. here is the article that may be helpful to you: transpose function in excel to change column to row with formula. is there a way to keep the annual interest rate cell from rounding up?

multiple loan amortization schedule format

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this multiple loan repayment excel template is a great tool for building a schedule for repaying multiple loans that consider the calculation of extra principal. the first way you can define the extra payment allocation is by having the loan repayment excel template model apply it according to the total lifetime interest of each loan. if a loan ends up already getting paid back by the time the loan ahead of it is paid back, the allocation knows to skip to the next available loan. this just shows how useful the multiple loan payoff calculator excel template works.

the other ranking style is by highest interest rate. however, this loan repayment spreadsheet or loan repayment template works properly as it should and you can simply use the template to build a model for multiple loan amortization schedules in excel. finally, you will see a monthly summary of debt service with no extra payment vs. debt service with extra payment, the amount of days ahead of time you pay back all the loans, and the total savings when you do apply extra principal in this optimized way. efinancialmodels provides a wide range of industry-specific financial model templates and financial modeling services from multiple authors.

it becomes too difficult sometimes to check and visualize the loan repayment individually with an individual amortization schedule. in our free downloadable multiple loan amortization schedule excel template, you will be able to insert your multiple loan parameters and get a final amortization table containing all of your loans. ⏷what is multiple loan amortization schedule? ⏷multiple loan amortization schedule excel template   ⏵how to use this template ⏷multiple loan amortization schedule excel template tips a multiple loan amortization schedule is an amortization table that helps to visualize the loan repayment procedure of multiple loans in a single table. it shows payments for individual loans depending on individual loan parameters and summarizes the result in a single sheet. in this case, when one loan gets paid off, then the total regular payment doesn’t decrease, rather, the paid-off loan’s payment gets invested as some other loan’s extra payment.

as a result, the total loan term of multiple loans gets decreased, and that results in lesser interest paid. when working with debt payoff with constant recurring payments, combined interest is to be calculated to get the time required to pay off loans. in this approach, the lender will hive him/her a new agreement with a new loan term and loan interest rate according to his/her current outstanding debt and credit scores. moreover, you can compare your debt payoff if you follow a constant recurring payment approach throughout the loan payments and you will also be able to compare your refinance offer with your current multiple loans from this template. tanjim reza tanim, a buet graduate in naval architecture & marine engineering, contributed over one and a half years to the exceldemy project. his expertise spans microsoft office suites, automating finance templates, vba, python, and developing excel applications, showcasing a multifaceted commitment to the… read full bio exceldemy is a place where you can learn excel, and get solutions to your excel & excel vba-related problems, data analysis with excel, etc.

believe it or not, a loan amortization spreadsheet was the very first excel template i downloaded from the internet. if you want a spreadsheet for creating an amortization table for a loan or mortgage, try one of the calculators listed below. a feature that makes most of the vertex42 amortization calculators more flexible and useful than most online calculators is the ability to include optional extra payments. and of course with a spreadsheet, you can save your results. creates an amortization table for both fixed-rate and adjustable rate mortgages. this one is by far the most feature-packed of all my amortization calculators.

this spreadsheet is for creating an amortization table for a so-called “simple interest loan” in which interest accrues daily instead of monthly, bi-weekly, etc. you can delve deep into the formulas used in my loan amortization schedule template listed above, but you may get lost, because that template has a lot of features and the formulas can be complicated. in that article, i explain what happens when a payment is missed or the payment is not enough to cover the interest due. this template is unique in that the amortization table ends after a specified number of payments. for a revolving line of credit (such as a credit card or heloc), interest normally accrues daily, so this spreadsheet is like the “simple interest loan” calculator except that it allows you to include additional draws besides the initial loan amount. you can also find a free excel loan amortization spreadsheet by doing a search in excel after going to file > new. some of them use creative excel formulas for making the amortization table and a couple allow you to manipulate the schedule by including extra payments.