naturopathic cancer treatments

but, he and his colleagues are concerned that many people who are overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis do not. “the bottom line is that alternative and complementary medicines marketed and used as treatment for cancer are associated with an increased risk of death, if they lead patients to not use accepted medical cancer therapies. some may improve comfort and quality of life—if they aren’t substituted for and don’t interfere with proven cancer treatments and don’t cause financial strain, says dr. johnson.

in his experience, most people are not looking for alternative cancer therapies, he says, but are seeking ways to change the experience of their disease and their quality of life. “however, what is harmful is when patients believe that they can use it to replace surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, or immunotherapy, or if it is used without the knowledge of their cancer physicians. however, in his work as an oncologist, he wrestles with being unable to dissuade young patients of his who have opted to refuse one or more medically proven cancer treatments, only to lose their battles with cancer within a couple of months.

contact our cancer information helpline by email or live chat or call 1-888-939-3333. naturopathic medicine is a system of healing that focuses on supporting and stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself. naturopathic medicine takes a holistic approach, which means that it focuses on the whole person rather than on a person’s illness. naturopathic medicine treatments may include special diets and nutritional counselling, fasting, enemas and herbal, vitamin or mineral remedies. naturopathic medicine often combines several different therapies, and there isn’t enough research yet on the different therapies to say whether naturopathic medicine as a whole system works well as a complementary therapy. some evidence shows that a few methods used by nds may be safe and effective as a complementary therapy to help cope with side effects of cancer treatment. other techniques, such as herbal, vitamin or mineral remedies, fasting and traditional chinese medicine, have not been shown to be safe or effective as a complementary therapy.

talk to your healthcare team if you are thinking about trying any naturopathic treatments. be sure to tell your naturopathic doctor about the type of cancer treatments you’re having. some naturopathic medicine treatments may interact with over-the-counter drugs, which could be dangerous to your health. it’s important to ask about the training and background of the practitioner you’re seeing. naturopathic medicine is regulated in many canadian provinces and territories. to find an nd, you can check your provincial or territorial association of naturopathic doctors or the canadian association of naturopathic doctors.

why the interest in alternative therapies for cancer? mind/body therapies like yoga, tai chi, meditation therapies taken orally, topically, or there is no evidence at this time that naturopathic medicine can treat the cancer itself. naturopathic medicine often combines several different therapies, and our naturopathic providers work closely with you and the rest of your care team to reduce the risk of harmful effects from cancer treatments, .

eventually, i found a naturopathic doctor focused on “natural medicine.” treating my cancer with such therapies sounded way more attractive the hype: cannabis oil is often heralded as a treatment to destroy or shrink cancerous tumors, as well as a cure for diabetes, ulcers, arthritis which treatments are worth trying? acupuncture. during acupuncture treatment, a practitioner inserts tiny needles into your skin at precise points., .

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