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in 2015 i had my palm read and was told that i was a natural healer and that i should take up reiki. it also helps to impact the overall ambience of any room in your home and improve your wellbeing. indian head massage, is a treatment that focuses on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck, back, arms and shoulders. having spent most of my time suffering a bereavement and unable to stop my tears and clear my head, i asked her for distance healing. i was thoroughly relaxed and alison explained in detail how certain points were affecting the rest of my body.

it was a lovely and calming experience and the treatment was tranquil and relaxing – at the end i didn’t want to get up. i went in feeling stressed and with a few aches and pains, particularly in my back after some heavy gardening at weekend, and i literally floated out of there and stood upright for the first time in 2 days thanks to alisons reflexology session. i was told all about the points being touched and what it connects to. i had such a beautiful, moving and accurate response to the reiki. alison makes you feel very welcome and explains everything.

shamanic healing, soul retrieval, power retrieval, past life work, extraction work, psychopomp work, energy healing feather stone. newton is a heart-centred practitioner with a profound understanding of earth energies. with a strong connection to the elemental energies since childhood, and a background in tree surgery and wildlife conservation, newton is rooted in the glowing filaments of the natural world. he has completed up to advanced level of shamanic training with the edinburgh shamanic centre. newton is especially attuned to bird spirit medicine. his skills include powerful hands-on healing and deep soul retrieval. he works with sea, woodland and mountain spirits, and is particularly drawn to the peruvian healing arts. a grounded and sensitive shamanic practitioner,  he is committed to the empowerment of others through helping them nurture their own connection to spirit through nature, balancing sky and earth within and without.

newton holistic healing, newton-le-willows. 591 likes 12 talking about this. reiki, indian head massage, standard reflexology and hot stone reflexology. reiki, reflexology and indian head massage practicioner based in newton le willows, merseyside. make time for you. book online. holistic practitioner – master reiki, reflexology, hot stone reflexology, aura clearing, crystal healing and indian head massage., chiropractor newton nj, chiropractor newton nj.

newton health and wellness is more than just a place for treatment of pain. it is a holistic experience in health, healthful living, mindfulness, learning, and newton holistic healing is based in a tranquil and private setting in newton le willows called the retreat. we offer reiki reflexology, and indian head newton holistic healing is based in a based in newton le willows offering reiki, reflexology, indian head massage and crystal healing in a, .

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