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gantt charts are a powerful way to visualize project timelines and streamline resource management. are you going to hit certain milestones and deadlines on time? whether you’re making a gantt chart in excel or hoping to make a gantt chart in your ipad’s pages app, these charts always have the following features: timeline — a project’s timeframe will stretch horizontally across the top of a gantt chart. most charts give you the ability to break down your project into connected tasks to see how changing one aspect affects another.

here are a few pros and cons to help you decide if this is the project display for you. tricky to update — you’ll need to teach team members and stakeholders to update the gantt chart to avoid creating bottlenecks in your workflow. date — add a date property to your page to create the horizontal time axis we’ll see in the timeline view. you can also add this view to an existing page by clicking the plus on the top left side of a page, beside the other views, like tables and calendars. gantt charts are one of the best project management tools to organize multiple timelines at once.

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timeline is another database view you can use to visualize the same information in many ways. and all those project pages in the timeline can be structured however you want or based on the project’s needs. like a gantt chart, timeline view shows you the overlapping nature of your projects or tasks, allowing you to prioritize p0 work. you can always slice and dice your projects however is most helpful to you. pages in your timeline are a blank canvas for any project — every page in your timeline can be fully customized to store all the information related to that project, like images, video, to-do lists, and documentation. you can show all, hide all, and add or delete properties in this same menu.

drag-and-drop to move projects or extend them — move all the pages on your timeline however’s necessary, whether that’s pushing a task until tomorrow, or dragging one side of a project page to give yourself an extra week to complete it. this puts a table on the left side of your timeline view, where you can see certain attributes of your pages based on the properties you select. choose how you want to see the calendar — instead of the fixed timeline of a typical gantt chart, you might need different timelines on which to view your work (like tasks for the day or big projects over the course of a month). organize your timeline by any date you need — in the ••• menu, under layout, you can select timeline by to see the available date properties by which to organize your timeline. timeline puts the dates of a project or a task front-and-center, so everyone knows what to be working on when, and your whole team can drive toward shipping on time. it comes complete with properties for deadlines and the duration of each step in your project. combine the stages of a project with all their individual steps and sub-tasks using this app-launching timeline (that can be used for any project!).

the template allows users to plug the data into an easy-to-read visual — in this case, a stacked bar chart that tracks a task list down the y-axis and time on the x-axis. gantt charts, which track tasks against time, align well with this model, as the chart helps project managers visualize task sequences. the primary reason for using a gantt chart template is to harness technology’s ability to quickly organize, display, and adjust data. notion’s free gantt chart template offers an easy-to-read bird’s eye view of a project’s timeline and task list with plenty of additional features to streamline tracking.

plus, a team can turn any database they create on notion into a gantt chart (or similar project map) using the “timeline” view. this creates the timeline on the x-axis and is the first step to building a gantt chart. project viewing styles — toggle between the timeline and priority view for the current project or a multi-project view that shows all of the teams’ in-progress initiatives. among notion’s resources, you can find guides on how to make a comprehensive project to-do list, burn-up and burndown charts to track progress, and engineering roadmaps for cross-functional development projects.

gantt charts are a popular tool used to visualize and track the progress of projects and tasks over a period of time. once you are on an empty page, you can create a timeline view for your gantt chart by typing ‘/timeline’ in the page and selecting the option ‘create a timeline view’ from the dropdown menu. next, you will need to select the database source for your gantt chart. to use an existing database, just search the ‘database source’ option and choose the database that you want to use from the list. once you have selected your database source, you can give your timeline view a name and choose the range that you want to display in the view. to add an item to your gantt chart, click anywhere on the timeline.

this will create a new item on the selected date. this will allow you to set the timeline for the task or project and visualize it on the gantt chart. this will allow you to link tasks and show their dependencies on the gantt chart. with the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can easily create gantt charts in notion and use them to track your progress, set deadlines, and collaborate with your team. whether you are working on a personal project or managing a large team, gantt charts can help you stay organized and achieve your goals. there’s one plan, and it gives you access to everything you see on the site (and anything that gets released in future ✨).