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facial toning devices have taken the skincare industry by storm by promising to deliver radiant skin with reduced wrinkles and a sculpted, lifted face. they aim to give the similar effects to a facelift by tightening and lifting the skin. the nuface trinity device uses microcurrent technology to pass a small current (400 micro amps) into your facial skin and muscles. a number of reviews mentioned there were problems with the device at around the 5 month mark. this device uses something called a galvanic current to pass a charge into the skin.

the pre-treat gel is designed to remove impurities and to prepare the skin for the second gel in the treatment. the galvanic spa comes with a range of attachments that will help you to target specific problem areas (including the body and the scalp) with the same device. this encourages the muscles of the face to contract and the skin cells to produce collagen. these stimulate contractions of the facial muscles in order to tone and lift the face. nuface’s trinity device may be the best option for people hoping to improve the contours of their face and get a lifted appearance of their skin. if you join, we’ll send you alerts about activity in the group to ensure that you stay up-to-date.

the challenge was to create a hand-held unit that replicated the results only previously achieved within beauty salons. using an electric current to stimulate blood flow and allow therapeutic gels to penetrate the skin, the galvanic approach can help smooth out wrinkles and remove toxins and blemishes. nu skin wanted an affordable yet effective device, small enough to use in the home. however, neither the skincare company or gimelli had the relevant experience in terms of design and user experience.

for example, the team needed to seal off the circuit boards, power source and other internal components to protect the unit from humidity and splashes. in addition, nu skin wanted the unit to be as compact as possible and to accommodate three different applicators (for the hair, face and body). this ensured that the final design encouraged users to hold the unit in the right way, maintaining a constant flow of current via the device’s conductors. since the product first launched, nu skin has built a network of over one million distributors worldwide that includes individual consumers as well as salons and spas. working alongside gimelli laboratories, the team produced a unique handheld unit that allowed nu skin to create and dominate a new consumer market in the target geographies.

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