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please call during the new year holidays or golden week holidays. it is possible to receive a consultation without making an appointment. we may have many patients at the time of your visit, so we recommend that you make an appointment for your convenience. our goal is to provide early treatment of chronic pain and allow our patients to live pain-free.

during acupuncture, thin needles are inserted into the body; while during moxibustion, moxa is burned on the body. the risk of adverse effects is low, and these treatments are becoming more popular. in addition, it can cause headaches or menstrual pain, as well as disturbed autonomic nerve function.postural distortion leads to muscle stiffness and/or excessive tension. in most cases, distortion is linked to poor posture in everyday life. the factors regarding poor postural distortion are considered to be using pillows incorrectly and sleeping in a way that affects your posture without you noticing it in your everyday life.

since 1895, chiropractic adjustments thought to remove interference in the nervous system, have helped millions of people around the world achieve their wellness goals. we are pleased to present technology which provides us with the ability to get a look under the hood to see what is happening with an individual’s personal energy fields. if the foundation is not balanced and level, it is not possible to perform or feel at your best. at occ, we respect your time as much as we value our own. your appointment time is yours. but, we work for a living too. we are proud of our longevity as it is driven by our results and the kind word-of-mouth referrals of satisfied clients. the human body is a self-correcting, self-healing machine.

we provide the service of removing that interference – so that your body can get-on with it. the chiropractor is amazing, and gave me more answers about my aches and pains then i have ever been able to get before. can’t wait to try the acupuncture!!. i was in so much pain i couldn’t sleep and pain meds didn’t help at all. i am so sure in a few more visits i will feel back at 100 percent.” “i had the most severe pain in my tailbone that lasted over a year. recently it has been unbearable, doc holliday relieved the pain in just a few short minutes and even corrected problems i didn’t realize i had. i feel so refreshed and the ability to move is amazing! owned and operated by doc holliday who is a alumnus of life chiropractic college in marietta, georgia.

okinawa energy osteopathic clinic provides chiropractic (skeletal adjustment), acupuncture and moxibustion, and myofascial release therapy. although it’s common to associate chiropractic with the cracking of bones, we okinawa chiropractic center (est. 2005) is a chiropractic & wellness clinic in chatan town, okinawa japan. owned and operated by doc holliday who is a alumnus, occ chiropractor, occ chiropractor, chiropractor near me, oki energy, dr holliday chiropractor.

okinawa energy osteopathy clinic 152 people checked in here / +81 98-926-0756 chiropractor price range $. okinawa chiropractic treatments sunabe okinawa online bookings a wonderful and energetic personality, brent’s welcoming atmosphere is a must-visit chiropractic clinics in okinawa. there are many chiropractors in okinawa, japan. okinawa energy osteopathy clinic is one the main chiropractic clinic in, .

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