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in a project management for researcher workshop which i attended at the beginning of my second year of phd studies, we were taught how to make gantt charts. this allows you to see at a glance: first, it needs a list of all the project’s main tasks, and to estimate for each one how long it will take. like you see in the example above, in one chart we can draw the main steps of a whole phd, from day one all the way to the defense. one maybe unexpected pro of gantt charts is that it helps to plan for weekends and holidays.

if one invest a lot of time and energy in creating a detailed gantt chart, then one is not gonna be willing to adjust this chart when things didn’t work out as planned. obviously “scheduling” such a task while being in the early phase of a new project and without discussing it with my supervisor was not a very smart thing to do. then take your calendar and draw on paper: if i start this experiment that day, then i’ll get the result by …; i can start this thing in parallel, but only when this first thing will be done then i can start this other thing … oh and there is this important meeting here, so i won’t be able to do x that week; oh and there is this 3 day weekend we scheduled with my family meaning i will need to ask my colleague a (for awesome) to take care of my drosophila … etc. yes, it’s a great project management tool to learn, and if used properly it can give both a sense of where one is on the whole phd process, and a sense of how everything which needs to be done in the coming weeks is going to fit together.

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gantt charts provide a visual method to view the overall length of a project, which tasks are dependent on each other, and track progress of the project. taing a course as a phd student with other phd students and a professor that is active in the research community can be quite challenging! though the techniques i share in this post may apply to any instructors and tas, i use these in the context of being a phd student taing a course with a very research-active advisor, 1 co-ta, and 2 graders. determining whether that is the right path for you or not is a discussion for another (maybe future) post. if you are here to see how i use gantt charts for my phd, i wrote a more detailed post on it here: visualizing and tracking phd tasks and progress with a gantt chart. at the beginning of the year, and every month or so, i look for when the deadlines of conferences that might relate to my research are.

i put these deadlines in my monthly calendar, which is pocket sized to carry with me everywhere. previously, i would write estimates and plans of my phd as outlines or timelines. all the signs compelled me to track my phd process in a similar way! i have used quite a few planners through college and graduate school, but none of the systems i used previously were effective for the mid- to end stages of my phd degree. but sometimes, i don’t have enough information or direction to break down a large task/project into smaller tasks – mostly the case for research and paper ideas. the deal was too good to turn away from.