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there are plenty of reasons you might wonder, “what pill is this?” webmd’s pill identifier can help you put a name to an unknown medication. since people may interpret the color of a pill differently, sometimes you might find it helpful to remove the color from your search and just enter the imprint code with or without the shape. once a drugmaker submits a pill’s imprint code to the fda, the agency stores it in a database that health care professionals can access. if you’re using the pill identifier to look up a pill that has a code on the front and the back, you can enter the code from both sides into the tool.

a pill without an imprint code could be a: some pills have a shallow notch cut into the surface of the tablet. only split a tablet if your pharmacist or doctor tells you to do it and explains how. if you start taking a different brand of the same medication, ask your doctor or pharmacist if it’s safe to split the new tablet. if you think that someone’s taken an overdose or has been accidentally poisoned by an unknown pill, call 911 or contact your local poison center through a toll-free helpline at 800-222-1222. as a rule, you should never take pills that you find laying around or that haven’t been prescribed to you, even if you identify them.

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