point guard shooting drills

on each drive, they must vary the distance and angle of the shot. this is one of the key basketball drills for guards to improve both offensive and defensive development. starting position – players can start from the three-point line instead of the free-throw line, and could also move the starting position to the wing instead of straight in front. this is a dangerous area of the floor for guards to be in, and the shot can be utilised on the fast-break or in half-court play. after each layup, they rebound the basketball and alternate sides to score a set number of baskets.

a players starts shooting from spots close to the basket and then progresses further out. shooting positions – you can start in the middle of the key and progress along the middle towards the free-throw line, or change the shooting position with each shot, as long as you’re at approximately the same distance until the set number of shots is made. this drills forces players to concentrate on making free throws and simulates the pressure of a game. pound dribble both basketballs 3 times and then cross one ball over in front of you and one ball behind your back at the same time. a player will run a conditioning suicide with the basketball and must make a free-throw line pull-up shot on each trip down the floor. this drill works on a variety of shots from the perimeter.

3 drills every shooting guard needs: basketball i just figured out im a shooting guard and all i do is practice around the key and around the three point than play off my center for a this point guard shooting drill features jason otter showing you how to come off a ball screen and get form shooting drills, to develop perfect mechanics 2. game 18:05 3-point shooting challenge, .

o1 and o2 will both get 3-point shots. see the video for details. perimeter shooting drills – collins shooting drill. from coaching points: make sure you’re releasing the basketball high into the air to get over a defender’s hand. the drill 6 critical drills for elite guards here are 6 drills that will improve your shooting , finishing, footwork, defense, what is your stand point and how do you teach kids when to use which approach.,

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