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nowadays there are a lot of project management software solutions that allow you to create gantt charts and work on your projects with their help. to create a microsoft project gantt chart, you have to prepare a list of tasks that will be shown afterward on your gantt chart. click in the start date field and use the date picker to select the start date for the task. milestones may help you to make sure that your project is running just on time and indicate the end of specific phases of the project. just highlight the tasks that should be linked to the milestone and click the link button in the ribbon.

once you have that example, open the project you want to use as a microsoft project template. your microsoft project gantt chart template will be opened with the start date you’ve chosen and will be ready to work in it. you can simply use some other software that will let you share ms project plans and gantt charts in a couple of minutes. there you can also choose an orientation, size, and data from your project that should be included in the printed version. even though it may seem easy to create a gantt chart in microsoft project, it only applies to the very basic microsoft project gantt chart. there are also plenty of gantt chart templates for different industries that you can use to plan and manage your project.

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the gantt chart view is the most commonly used view in project. the gantt chart view is the default view for new projects. in addition to the grid portion of the view, the gantt chart view also provides an illustrated version of your task list, with gantt bars that show the duration of your project’s tasks across a timeline. this part of the gantt chart view is called the chart.

the timeline units for the right portion of the gantt chart view are displayed at the top of the chart. you can adjust these time units to display up to three units of time, and you can change it so that different time units are displayed. for more information about adjusting the timescale of the gantt chart view, see change the timescale in a project view. gantt bars are displayed using the start and finish dates for the tasks in your project.

microsoft project can help users auto create a gantt chart out of the data of the project. gantt charts allow you to view project processes, manage resources, and even estimate costs. the left pane is a worksheet in which you enter the data of task names, duration days, start dates, finish dates, predecessors, and resources names. enter the data of your project on the left pane and the software will automatically create a gantt chart on the right pane. note: before you add gantt chart wizard to the main tabs, you have to make sure that you select wizard (custom). enable edrawmax, select gantt chart under the category of “project management”, then you will see some common gantt chart templates.

you can choose one of the templates to make your own gantt chart or start from scratch. click on the gantt chart icon to open the gantt chart pane. select one of the gantt bars, the formatting tools on the toolbar and the task information section will be activated. when you have created your own gantt chart in edrawmax, you can save the document by pressing ctrl + s or clicking the save button on the upper right corner of the main interface. moreover, you could export the gantt chart in the formats of docx, xlsx and pptx. therefore, it will be much easier and more convenient for you to share and transfer your gantt charts with anyone else, even if he or she hasn’t used edrawmax before.